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Charisse Madlock-Brown, PhD, MLS


Charisse Madlock-Brown, PhD, MLS, assistant professor, joined the faculty in 2015. She recently graduated with a PhD in health informatics at the University of Iowa, and has a background in library and information science. Her research area is scientometrics with a focus on bio-medicine. Her research goals are to ground research policy and planning into a concrete framework for evaluation and assessment. Her dissertation project offers a framework for emerging topic detection in medical literature. Policy makers, funding agencies, and researchers could all benefit from a robust emerging topic detection application.

Other recent/current projects include large scale analysis of biomedical literature for purposes of article retraction trend analysis, assessing the impact of publication subject diversity on research performance for individuals, understanding the relationship between gender disparities and collaborative behavior, and assessing the impact of translational science initiatives on collaborative research patterns.

Last Published: Jan 18, 2019