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GMEC Composition

Role Name Title/Area
Chair Eugene Mangiante, MD Executive Associate Dean of GME
GMEC Secretary Julie Clyce  
GME Administration (one vote each) Aaron Haynes Director
(Chair-Finance Subcommittee)
  Amy Hall Designated Institutional Official
  Susan Scott Patient Safety/Quality Improvement Medical Educator
(Chair-PS Subcommittee)
Resident Representatives (one vote each) Kelly Ford, MD Radiology
  Paul Goleb, MD Medicine/Pediatrics
  Rohan Goswami, MD Cardiology
  Whitney Guerrero, MD Surgery
  Ashley Harris, MD OBGYN
  Chris Jackson, MD Internal Medicine
Hospital Representatives (one vote per hospital) Eric Benink, MD Regional One Health
  Amira Woharebbi Regional One Health
  Lori Kessler, PharmD Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare
  Robin Womeodu, MD Methodist Lebonheur Healthcare
  Anne Sullivan, MD Baptist Healthcare
  Regina Rogers Baptist Healthcare
  Jim Lewis, MD VA Medical Center
  Angelina Kuo St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  Brian Green, MD MRPC
Program Directors (one vote each) Mark Bugnitz, MD Pediatrics
(Chair – Duty Hour Subcommittee)
  Harris Cohen, MD Pediatric Radiology
  Kim Huch, MD Internal Medicine
  Muneeza Khan, MD Family Medicine
  Jyotsna Ranga, MD Child Psychiatry
  Claudette Shephard, MD OBGYN
  Shaun Stickley, MD Surgery
  Natascha Thompson, MD Medicine/Pediatrics
(Chair – Transitions of Care Subcommittee)
Coordinator Representative (one vote) Bran Upchurch Internal Medicine
Other (one vote) George Maish, MD Simulation
(Chair Simulation Subcommittee)
Non-Voting Attendees Karey Conlee New Innovations Coordinator
  Ralph Lorenz GME Assistant Director

Last Published: Mar 8, 2017