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Our Team

  • Dr. Kennard Brown, Executive Administrator
  • Dr. Marco Ross, Acting Chief Medical Examiner
  • Dr. Erica Curry, Assistant Medical Examiner
  • Dr. Paul V. Benson, Assistant Medical Examiner
  • Dr. Kevin Jenkins, Assistant Medical Examiner

Under the Direction of the Acting Chief Medical Examiner, Dr. Marco Ross, The West Tennessee Regional Forensic Center’s local Medical Examiners are Board Certified Forensic Pathologists. Each charged to promote public safety, testify to their findings in criminal and civil court. They advance public health through their investigations of deaths that present a hazard to citizens, such as emerging infections and bioterrorism.

West Tennessee Regional Forensic Center Organizational Chart.


(7) Registered and Certified Medicolegal Death Investigators, who:

  • Receives initial reports of death; gathers information to determine whether to accept or decline jurisdiction; when jurisdiction is assumed, arrange for transportation of the body to the Regional Forensic Center.
    Collects evidence at the death/crime scene, including medical history, medications, psychological state at the time of death; secures photographs of scene, interviews family members, friends, and witnesses of the deceased.
  • Confers with the physician of the deceased to obtain previous medical, psychological, or psychiatric history; obtains/reviews medical and dental records of the deceased, investigative reports from outside agencies and assists the Forensic Pathologists with the identification of deceased.
  • Locates next-of-kin or legal representatives of deceased and provides a basic level of “at-need” grief counseling to family members or those closely affected at the death scene; responds to inquiries from family members of the deceased, investigative agencies, the general public; helps facilitate tissue and organ donation in applicable cases.
  • Works closely with local, state, and federal investigative agencies and advises law enforcement personnel and county medical examiners regarding death scene investigation and the procedures of the Regional Forensic Center.
  • Preparation of Death Certificates and Cremation Permits

Last Published: Mar 18, 2018