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Current List of Identified CSAs

 Department/College Position
Academic Affairs Vice Chancellor, Associate Vice Chancellor, Director, Associate
Administration-College of Graduate
Health Sciences
Assistant Dean, Coordinator I
Administration-College of Dentistry Dean, Associate Dean
Administration-College of Medicine Associate Dean, Director
Administration-College of Health Professions Dean, Assistant Dean, Coordinator I
Administration-College of Nursing Assistant Dean
Administration-College of Pharmacy Dean, Assistant Dean, Associate Dean, Education Technology
Campus Police ALL Non-Clerical Staff (Police Officers, Dispatchers, Security Officers)
Center for Biomedical Informatics Director
Chief of Staff Executive Vice Chancellor, Director
Clinical Education-Chattanooga Associate Dean-Academic Affairs, Director
Clinical Pharmacy Education Coordinator
College of Medicine Executive Dean Executive Dean – College of Medicine
College of Medicine – Admissions Assistant Dean
Continuing Education – State Wide Director
Center for Developmental Disabilities Associate Director
Dean s Office – GSM Dean, Assistant Dean
Director Graduate Medical Education Assistant Dean
Educational Development Director
Equity and Diversity Assistant Vice Chancellor
Fitness Center Director
Forensic Center Director
Graduate Medical Education Administration Director, Residency Coordinator
Human Resources – Memphis Associate Vice Chancellor
Institutional Review Board Director, Associate Director
Medicine – Infectious Diseases Associate Vice Chancellor & Professor
Molecular Resource Center Director, Associate Director
Nursing Instructional Programs Director
Office of Chancellor – Memphis Chancellor
Office of the General Counsel Associate General Counsel
Ophthalmology Assistant Director
Parking Authority Assistant Director
Pediatrics Assistant Director
Physical Plant – Building Maintenance Assistant Director
Preventive Medicine Director
Safety Affairs Director
Simulation Center – IPECS Director
Special Events Director
Student Academic Support Services Director, Assistant Director, Coordinator I
Student Affairs Associate Vice Chancellor, Registrar, Director, Assistant Director,
Associate Director, Assistant Registrar, Coordinator I
Student Health Services Physician, Coordinator III
Surgery – Genera Assistant Dean
VC – Finance & Operations Vice Chancellor, Bursar, Assistant Bursar

Last Published: May 12, 2017