Clerkships: Pediatrics


Le Bonheur Children's Hospital

  • 225 beds
  • Primary Service area 95 counties
  • 150 mile radius
  • > 1 million children
  • Average 13-18,000 admits/year
  • 54,000 ER visits
  • Midsouth Designated Trauma center for children
  • 10,000 surgeries/yr
  • 85,000 ambulatory visits/yr
  • 1,100 PICU admits/yr
  • 20 bed and 12 TCU beds
  • 7,500 births at Crump - 1,500 NICU
  • 20,000 pt visits/yr at St. Jude
  • # of pt at Boling Center for Developmental Disabilities
  • UT Peds 84 residents in peds and med/peds
  • 135 full time faculty physicians

The Rotation:

  • Divided into 2 one month blocks
  • 1 in-patient
  • 1 out-patient


  • Integral member of one of four teams each with 2-4 M3's
  • 1 or 2 attendings
  • 1 PL-3
  • 1 PL-2
  • 3-4 PL-1
  • 1-2 JI's
  • Admit every 4th night call - all night
  • Admit 20-55 patients
  • Bronchiloitis to fulminant meningococcemia
  • Newborn jaundice to Adolescent suicide attempt
  • Private, indigent and subspecialty
  • Extra experiences are arranged in NICU, PICU, NSR, WBN
  • At least 4 conferences/week on Wednesday and Friday afternoons
  • Ideally set up as problem solving sessions


  • One week assignment to St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital
  • Opportunity to participate in a variety of different clinics
  • Subspecialty clinics at LBCMC POB
  • Weekly clinic with local private pediatrician
  • See patient on your own in General Peds clinic at the POB
  • View development and behavior evaluations at the Boling Center
  • LBCMC Emergency Department
  • Boys' Town and Dogwood Clinic

If you have a specific request let us know, otherwise you will get a smattering


  • In-patient - 50%
  • Out-patient - Pass/Low Pass/Fail
  • Slide – 15%
  • NBME Shelf Exam – 35%
  • Memphis/Chattanooga (all subjective evaluations are graded on the same scale no matter which location, to provide enhanced standardization and equity)

Residents and faculty are dedicated to teaching. This is substantiated by excellent reviews from previous M3's evaluation. Students benefit from an incredible amount and concentration of pathology from which to learn.

  • No weekends off while on Inpatient
  • No days off during the week
  • No 3 days weekends - no time off for weddings
  • Use an option month to schedule big personal events

Visit our Web site for the syllabus and all the details.


Pediatric Clerkship Director: Cathy A. Stevens, M.D.
Contact: Pediatric Residency Coordinator Patty Wolfe
Department of Pediatrics Phone: (423) 778-6217
Dr. Steven’s Office: (423) 778-6112

T. C. Thompson Children’s Hospital has 100 beds, including a 50-bed level III Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and an 8 bed Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. There is a 24-hour pediatric emergency department staffed by board certified emergency pediatricians. A beautiful new emergency department/trauma center for children opened in the fall of 2002. Ours is the first Level 1 pediatric trauma center in the state. We also have a very busy outpatient department with approximately 70,000 visits per year. There are 34 faculty members with all pediatric subspecialties represented. There is also a cystic fibrosis center, a Children’s Cancer Center and Craniofacial Center located at T. C. Thompson. Thus, the volume and variety of patients that are available to medical students are tremendous.

There are usually 1-6 junior medical students rotating at T. C. Thompson at one time. Students spend 1 month on the inpatient service and 1 month on the outpatient rotation. Medical students are active members of the medical team taking care of patients. They will be expected to learn about normal growth and development, how to evaluate children of different ages, diagnosis and treatment of common pediatric conditions and have the opportunity to be exposed to many unusual disorders. Because of the relatively small number of students, there is a greater amount of individualized attention and responsibility that is given to each student. There is direct faculty supervision wherever students are assigned on inpatient or outpatient services. Call is approximately every 5th night and ends at midnight. Grading is based on clinical evaluation as well as the pediatric shelf exam. The hospital provides modestly furnished apartments for students rotating in Chattanooga (2 students to each apartment) approximately 15 – 20 minutes for the hospital. Students are provided 24-hour access to meals in Erlanger’s cafeteria at no cost to the student.

The Pediatric Residency Program is based at T. C. Thompson Children’s Hospital and provides an excellent blend of academics and clinical training for 24 residents (eight at each of three levels). The program is fully accredited and is an important component of the ten residency programs at the Chattanooga Unit. The Pediatric program includes residency education in all pediatric subspecialties but is designed primarily to provide a broad-based experience in general pediatrics.

For more information about the Chattanooga Clerkships (including housing, meals, etc.) or the Pediatric Residency, go to our website.

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