About the Office of Medical Education

The Office of Medical Education is responsible for the curriculum; academic standards affecting the M.D. degree program in the College of Medicine . This Office is involved with faculty in curriculum design and coordination and the allocation of educational resources. It also works with faculty in the development and implementation of policies and procedures affecting the academic progress, promotion, and graduation of medical students.

Senior Associate Dean for Medical Education

Clint W. Snyder, PhD, MBA
Email: csnyde13@uthsc.edu

Assistant Dean, Basic Science Curriculum
J. Patrick Ryan, PhD
Email: pryan@uthsc.edu

Assistant Dean, Clinical Curriculum
Susan C. Brewer, MD
Email: sbrewer@uthsc.edu

Assistant Dean for Curriculum Integration
G. Stephen Nace, MD
Email: gsnace@uthsc.edu

Director of Instructional Technology
William Brescia, PhD
Email: bbrescia@uthsc.edu

Director of Educational Support and Scholarship
Vicki M. Park, Ph.D.
Email: vpark@uthsc.edu

Academic Scheduling
Ruby Bland
Email: rlbland@uthsc.edu

Medical Educator
Kimberlee Norwood, MA
Email: knorwood@uthsc.edu

Coordinator of Evaluation and Assessment
Janet Herriman
Email: jherrima@uthsc.edu

Executive Secretary
Stefeni Kennedy
Email: skenne16@uthsc.edu

Education Specialist
Deborah Barton
Email: dedwar30@uthsc.edu

President, Dean's Faculty Advisory Committee
Tiffany Seagroves, Ph.D.
Phone: 901-448-5018