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Antimicrobial Stewardship Program
Published guidelines for Community-Acquired Pneumonia in Children: Reduce the use of cephalosporins to 10% and increase use of ampicillin to 90% for hospitalized pediatric CAP patients in 6 months. Contact Info: Sandy Arnold, MD Le Bonheur Children's Hospital,
Memphis Sandy Arnold, MD
Campbell Clinic Summer 2018 Research Opportunity
Campbell Foundation (CF), in association with Campbell Clinic, has a wide variety of active research studies including prospective and retrospective studies involving patients with orthopaedic conditions. Volunteer positions will be available during June and July 2018 to UTHSC medical students who have completed at least their first year of training. The student will be asked to complete an average of 20 hours per week for 8 weeks during the summer months. A combination of on-site and off- site hours is possible. Assignment to a research project will be based upon current needs.
Submit the following by February 28, 2018 to
     • Current CV
     • Documentation of UTHSC academic standing
Schedule an interview with Karen Romer, RN, BSN at 901-435-5704 by March 31, 2018.  Interviews will be conducted on:
     • April 12, 2018 from 1 pm to 5 pm
     • April 13, 2018 from 8 am to 12 pm.  
Complete group 3 CITI training at  associated with UTHSC-Memphis. Bring the certificate of completion of this training to your interview.
 Memphis Karen Romer
(901) 435-5704
Combating Vascular Disease Through Molecular and Genetic Targets
Contact Info: UT Veterinary College of Medicine
Knoxville Deidra Mountain, PhD
Pediatric Obesity Program-Healthy Lifestyle Network Research Opportunity
The UTHSC/Le Bonheur Children's Hospital (LBCH) Pediatric Obesity Program (POP) is focused on personalized care to help children and their families lead healthier lifestyles because one size does not fit all. In order to address the issues of obesity throughout the Mid-South, the POP includes three components: 1) Healthy Lifestyle Clinic-Preventing and treating obesity; 2) Discovery and Innovation-Learning about contributors of obesity and effective treatments; 3) Healthy Lifestyle Network-Creating programs for a healthier community. This intern opportunity will be specific to community programs, public health initiatives, and population health research. Requirements: Submit CV and semester/summer availability to, schedule an interview with Program Coordinator at 901-287-6876 and complete group 1 and 2 CITI training at prior to interview. Minimum of 200-hours commitment over the course of 1-2 semesters (may be completed in the summer as well).
Memphis Chantis Mantilla, PhD
Projects Using Film to Destigmatize Mental Illness and Address Countertransference Issues
Looking for a couple medical students to help with several projects using film to destigmatize mental illness and address countertransference issues. We are conducting research to determine if these interventions are effective. Please email Dr. Whitehurst at or Cynthia Carter at for questions
Memphis Dr. Whitehurst at and Cynthia Carter at
Restrospective Analysis or Radiation Dose
A retrospective analysis that compares the radiation dose and the resultant risk of cancer in two groups who both kidney resections for renal cell carcinoma. Contact Jason Rogers at for more information.
Knoxville Dr. Jason Rogers
Summer Genetics Scholars Program
Translational research related to fatty acid oxidation disorders combined with medical genetics clinical experience. Program is sponsored by the American College of Medical Genetics Foundation and supports one scholar per summer. Application deadline is January 29, 2016. Additional information: Vicki Park, PhD, Department of Pediatrics,
Memphis Joel Mroczkowski, MD, PhD
Understanding Mortality and Other Adverse Events at a NSQIP-Pediatric Hospital
Uncommon but devastating problems occur after surgery in children. Our research group seeks to understand how to anticipate and prevent these events. We also are embarking on a related study of how such events are perceived by and affect families in the context of their cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Contact info: Max Langham, MD (901) 287-6300
Memphis Max Langham, MD
University of Tennessee Health Science Center Department of Otolaryngology
Research Opportunitis Available (Medical Students Only)
Memphis Jerome W. Thompson, MD, MBA
(901) 486-9418
West Cancer Center/UTHSC M1 Summer Cancer Research Program
All medical students enrolled at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center are encouraged to engage in research activities—basic, clinical, and translational—during their academic career. The West Cancer Center/UTHSC M1 Summer Cancer Research Program (SCR Program) allows first year medical students the opportunity to engage in funded research between their first and second year summer break. Students begin the process of communicating with researchers with whom they can arrange a summer project. This can be laboratory based research or clinical research depending on the research mentor.
For more information, view the information packet.
Memphis Martin D. Fleming,
Nancy Wedgworth,
(901) 448-2919