GME Personnel

Eugene Mangiante, MD
Executive Associate Dean
Chair GMEC

Aaron Haynes

Amy Hall
Program Administrator & DIO

Ralph Lorenz
Assistant Director

Constance Tucker
Assistant Director of Faculty Development

Clara Taliaferro
Front Desk Administrative Specialist

Julie Clyce
Institutional Accreditation Coordinator

Janie Hall
HR Administrative Specialist

Karey Conlee
New Innovations Coordinator

Susan Scott
Quality and Patient Safety Educator

Lisa Shinall
Accounting Specialist

GME Residency Coordinators

Anita Anderson
Pathology Residency Coordinator

Bran Upchurch
Internal Medicine Residency Coordinator

Karen Ariemma
Pediatric Residency Coordinator

  • Derrell Bryant
    Administrative Aide
  • Temp pool
    Medical Administrative Specialist

Angela Augustus
Rheumatology/Pulmonary Critical Care Residency Coordinator

Leigh Ann Barns
Psychiatry & Subspecialities Residency Coordinator

Carol Blackman
Dermatology/Infectious Disease/Endocrinology Residency Coordinator

Toni Buckhanon
Allergy/Immunology, Pediatric Pulmonology, & Nephrology Residency Coordinator

Angela Green
OBGYN Residency Coordinator

Kathy Lofton
Pediatric Cardiology, Critical Care, & Endocrinology Residency Coordinator

Melissa Hayes
Combined Internal Medicine/Pediatrics Residency Coordinator

Donna Heath
Nephrology/Gastroenterology & Transplant Hepatology Residency Coordinator

Leeanna Fox Irwin
Neonatology, Pediatric Radiology & Emergency Medicine Residency Coordinator

Paula Odom
Neurology & Neurology Subspecialties Coordinator

Elizabeth Sauve
Plastic Surgery & Ophthalmology Coordinator

Bryan Thorn
Otolaryngology & Vascular Surgery Coordinator

Cynthia Tooley
Surgery Residency Coordinator

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