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Mandatory Zoom HIPAA Upgrade

All UTHSC Users: Please follow these instructions to continue to use UTHSC Zoom. If you are experiencing issues with your current Zoom meeting links, you must switch to the HIPAA Zoom Account for the links to work.

Web and video conferencing for online meetings and webinars

Business doesn't have to stop with access to Zoom. Meet online, create polls, and share your screen with up to 300 attendees.

Zoom Not Working?

Check these three things first!

    1. You must log in with the SSO option. If you are not sure how you are logged in, click on your profile pic in the right corner and underneath that, it should have your email address listed as if you logged in with SSO. If it doesn't, log out and log in again by clicking Sign In with SSO.
    2. Do you have a licensed account? After you've requested a basic account, request a Licensed Account for more features.
    3. Make sure your Zoom software is up-to-date (click your profile in the upper right, then click Check for Updates).

Don't Share Zoom Links in Public Places

People are looking to join and disrupt your Zoom sessions. How do they do it? They find your Zoom links posted on public places such as the Daily Digest, Twitter, and Facebook.

How do you avoid it? Don't post Zoom links on social media. Post an email address or form where people can request the Zoom link, then you can be a gatekeeper to your sessions.

Zoom also created an automated system that looks for public links. If it finds one, UTK OIT office may contact you. Learn more at Zoom's "How to Keep Uninvited Guests Out of Your Zoom Event" blog.

Last Published: Jan 27, 2021