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Faculty and Staff Member

Welcome to UTHSC!  We’re here to help you with all of the technology services you will use on campus. Whether it’s connecting to the wireless network, accessing software (for personal and school use), learning a new skill, or more, we can help!

Our Helpdesk is open Monday - Friday.  Contact us:

  • by phone at 901.448.2222 or 800.413.7830 (from 7:30 am till 5:30 pm)
  • by walk-in at 602 Lamar Alexander Building, 877 Madison (from 8:00 am till 5:00 pm)

Bring in your UTHSC laptop or desktop computer for assistance with network registration, software installation, operating system support, spyware/virus removal, and more!

NetID and Email Address

All UTHSC faculty and staff are assigned  a Network ID (NetID). Your NetID is the username associated with your accounts for the University of Tennessee Health Science Center.

Your NetID grants secure access to a variety of applications and services, including Blackboard and Microsoft 365 email. For information about which applications require NetID authentication, contact the Helpdesk.

Official University communication is sent to your UTHSC email address (e.g., email from the Chancellor, Provost, or pay statements).

Your UT email address is

Additional information about your UTHSC account, including instructions for configuring Outlook on your smartphone, is available on the Helpdesk FAQ page.

NetID Lookup

If you do not know your NetID, you can find it by searching for yourself using the People Search found at the top of our website.  Your NetID will be listed after clicking on your name in the listing.

If you have been hired, but cannot find yourself in the People Search, ask your business manager to check with Human Resources.

Set Up/Change Your Password

If your password is less than 12 characters long, it will expire every 180 days. There’s no expiration date for passwords that are 12 characters or longer.

Setup your password, security questions, or change your password (it usually expires every 180 days) through our Password Management page.

Password changes take up to 15 minutes to sync to all systems.

Login to Email

Access your email by going to and entering your NetID and password.


UTHSC offers campus wide wireless access for faculty, staff, students and guests, simply by choosing "UTHSC" from your device's list of available wireless networks. Upon first access, faculty, staff and students must enter their NetID and password, then verify and accept the SSL certificate.  More info on Wireless.

Purchasing Hardware/Software

Need to purchase a new computer or piece of software?  Check out our Purchasing Hardware/Software page for more information.

Network Services

Contact the Helpdesk at 901.448.2222 or for:

    • Installation, relocation and change of network service
    • Local Area Network (LAN) design for off-campus UTHSC facilities
    • Wide Area Network (WAN) service for off-campus UTHSC facilities
    • Network functional troubleshooting & analysis
    • High-Speed Large Data-set file transfers

Telephone Services

Contact the Helpdesk at 901.448.2222 or to:

      • request departmental office phones
      • cell phones
      • long distance code
      • and other voice services

Visit the Zoom page to set up a conference call with Zoom.

Microsoft Office and File Storage

Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus is provided at no cost to faculty and staff. UTHSC offers file storage through Office 365 OneDrive for Business. More info on Microsoft 365 and OneDrive

Adobe Creative Cloud

UTHSC has an agreement with Adobe to offer you Adobe Creative Cloud applications free of charge for UT-owned computers.  There are Adobe applications available for both the Macintosh and Windows platforms.

Please only download applications that you know you need as they can take up a lot of disk space on your computer.

For any additional questions, or if you have problems with the page or installation process, please contact the Helpdesk at 901.448.2222 or via email at

How to Download Adobe Creative Cloud

WordPress Lab Site

UTHSC offers you the ability to create and modify your own WordPress sites for labs.  More info on getting a UTHSC Lab Site.

Last Published: Aug 7, 2020