Student Assistance Program (SAP)

We consider you to be this University’s most important asset. The health and well being of every student is of primary importance to us. Today’s society is increasingly complex and we know that you may face a variety of difficult personal situations as your education continues. Most of the time, you will be able to effectively resolve problems on your own. However, at other times your personal happiness, family relations, personal performance, and physical health may require additional assistance.

Our University has provided a Student Assistance Program (SAP) as a tool for student use since 2004. This program offers brief, short term, professional counseling for academic troubles, marital and family concerns, substance and alcohol abuse, stress, anxiety, and depression. It also identifies referrals for assistance with other problems encountered in daily living such child care and eldercare needs. The services of the SAP are confidential and are delivered by a professional organization by the name of Eni. Eni provides personal consultation 24/7 for situations that can affect your well-being or academic performance. As a registered UTHSC student, you pay a small assessment for SAP services each semester. You will incur no additional out of pocket expenses and are entitled to be referred for up to 6 counseling sessions per year. Spouses and partners may also be included in the counseling sessions. Although you may opt for phone counseling, you will find that you have a convenient choice of eni’s network of counselors located on or near campus.

Accessing assistance is easy. Simply call the SAP at 1-800-327-2255 to be referred for an appointment. If you have questions about how the SAP works, please SAP Member Guide, Resident Member Guide, and Wellness Coaching Calls for the brochures which provide answers to common questions about the SAP.

Additionally, there are separate mental health treatment services you may wish to make use of through University Health Services (UHS)- Student Mental Health which may be reached by calling 901-448-5064. Because these type needs are usually unplanned, please bookmark these links and note the telephone number for your future reference. 

Personal Assistant

Did you know that through our Student Assistance Program (SAP), you have your own PERSONAL ASSISTANT to help balance your everyday life issues?

Effective November 1, 2007 each student will have an "added bonus" of your very own Personal Assistant. The Personal Assistant provides online resources and guidance with day-to-day issues as well as family-life challenges. You can contact them on-line for help on a variety of topics such as: Elder Care Referrals, Personal Services, Child Care Info, Gifts or Shopping Services, Dining and Entertainment Arrangements, Party and Event Planning, Prenatal Programs, Resources for Seniors, Travel Coordination, Information Services and much more.

To access your secure personalized web portal, simply login to:

To create your own username and password, click on the New User button in the "First time logging in" box. You will be prompted to enter a member ID and group ID.

Once you have registered, you will be provided with 3 dependent key codes to be shared with your immediate famiily members so they, too, can create their own username and password to access the services. 


The Student Assistance Program (SAP) is a confidential program that motivates students experiencing difficult personal situations to seek or accept professional assistance thus preventing personal concerns from undermining their well-being and academic performance.

SAP Inclusive Services Elements


  1. Up to Six (6) Face-to-Face Counseling Sessions – When students call the eni toll-free number, they will receive an intake and clinical needs assessment by an eni licensed health professional.  The client may receive immediate telephonic counseling if warranted.  The client will then be referred to an eni network provider either on or near the student’s campus for up to six (6) counseling visits.  The student may also elect the option of telephonic counseling for additional sessions.
  1. National Network – eni provides an extensive national network of qualified counselors to meet the needs of eligible students.  On-campus resources will be included in eni’s network as well as other providers convenient to student location for those requiring a more confidential setting.
  1. Care Management -  eni’s care management team is composed of licensed health professionals with various specialties.  They work collaboratively with providers in the national network to ensure all services are delivered consistently and meet eni’s standards of clinical care. 
  1. Orientation/ Administrative Training –  will be handled by ENI/University Health Services.
  1. Utilization Reporting -  Customized reports will be provided on a quarterly basis detailing utilization of the SAP program.  While maintaining strict confidentiality, statistics on demographics, presenting problem, and resolution will be presented allowing further targeting of promotion of the SAP program.
  1. eni Health Topics Line - Offers toll-free brief telephone recordings on a variety of behavioral health topics.  Callers are encouraged toaccess the SAP for further assistance.

  2. Free Legal Consultation and Referral -  eni’s network of over 15,000 consulting attorneys located throughout the U.S. and Canada provide immediate telephone consultation. Face-to-face meetings are available at discounted rates.

  3. Free Financial Referral - Toll-free telephonic consulting, to a non- profit credit counseling company for debt consolidation and personal budget guidance.   Financial planning resources are also available.    

  4. Universal Language Translation - Access to the SAP for employees whose primary language is not English is facilitated through AT&T operators.

  5. Satisfaction Surveys – Students have the opportunity to critique their provider and treatment experience using multiple state-of -the-art response methods including internet, telephone, fax and mail.


The Sap Brochure

To call the Student Assistance Program call: 1-800-327-2255



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