Future Residents

The program began in 1975 and graduated its first residents in 1978. Since its inception, it has remained the only residency program at Saint Francis Hospital. Throughout the years, the program has experienced strong growth under the leadership of several directors.

I feel that the UT-St. Francis Family Practice program has provided me with the education and experience I need to further pursue my career as a rural family medicine doctor. I feel we play a vital role in caring for the members of the community, no matter what the nature of the problem. The residency is unopposed which allows great experience working with private physicians of all specialties.

I do full-time Emergency Medicine, not family practice, but the training was very helpful in preparing me for the Emergency Room.

UT/Saint Francis Family Practice is the ideal setting for gaining experience in full spectrum family practice. Upon completing your residency, you are fully trained to care for patients, ‘from the cradle to the grave’. The hospital and clinic are located in a safe, affordable area in Memphis, with easy access to a wide range of restaurants, shops, and activities. I feel Saint Francis has prepared me for any opportunity family medicine has to offer.

I really appreciate the emphasis on proper billing. I am, by far, the most efficient doctor coding at all sites I have worked at. I have a great working relationship with the billing and coding departments.

-Comments from former graduates

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