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Recorded Presentations

Below is a listing of past Hot Topics in Research presentations and links to view them. When prompted, please login with your UT NetID and password to view the recording.


01/31/2019- "Promoting a Culture of Research Safety" presented by Tim Barton, MS, CIH, Director, Research Safety Affairs


12/18/2018- "A Recent Core Lab Success Story Supported by a Partnership Between the Proteomics and Metabolomics and Molecular Bioinformatics Cores" presented by Dr. Anna N. Bukiya, Associate Professor in the Dept. of Pharmacology, and Dr. Daniel Johnson, Director of the Molecular Bioinformatics (mBIO) Core

11/27/2018- "Business Relationships and Global Partnerships" presented by Gabor Tigyi, MD, PhD, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research and Industry Relations and Global Affairs; Professor of Physiology, UTHSC

10/23/2018- "Working with the Office of Scientific Writing to Create the Most Successful Proposals and Manuscripts" presented by Richard Redfearn, PhD, Director, Office of Scientific Writing, UTHSC

9/25/2018- "UTHSC’s Animal Care and Use Program: An Update on Promoting Research and Compliance" presented by David Hamilton, DVM, DACLAM, Director, Laboratory Animal Care Unit (LACU); and Jeff Steketee, PhD, Chair, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), Professor, Department of Pharmacology, UTHSC

8/28/2018- "Utilizing RBL Services for Basic and Translational Research" presented by Colleen Jonsson, PhD, Regional Biocontainment Laboratory Director, UTHSC

4/30/2018- "An Integrated Vision for the Future of UTHSC Clinical Trials" presented by Steve Goodman, Ari VanderWalde, Bob Davis, Phil Cestaro, Bill Mason, Richard Magid, and Karen Johnson, UTHSC

4/10/2018- “A Fund Raising Conversation: Research Philanthropy” presented by Love Collins, III, MBA, Vice Chancellor of Development and Alumni Affairs (DAA); and Greg Harris, Senior Director of Development- Regional and Research Philanthropy, UTHSC

3/27/2018- “Conversations on Entrepreneurship- Building a Startup into Your Research Plan” presented by Richard Magid, PhD, Vice President, University of Tennessee Research Foundation; and Steve Bares, PhD, MBA, President and Executive Director, Memphis Bioworks

2/27/2018- "Unifying the Office of Sponsored Programs - Past, Present and Future” presented by Steven Youngentob, PhD, Senior Associate Vice Chancellor for Research; and Sarah White, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research- Office of Sponsored Programs, UTHSC


11/14/2017- "How to Get a Patent" presented by Richard Magid, PhD, Vice President, University of Tennessee Research Foundation

9/26/2017- "Shared Analytical Chemistry Core Facility for Drug Discovery and Development at the College of Pharmacy” presented by Wei Li, PhD, Professor and Faculty Director of Instrument Facility, Director of the UTCoP Drug Discovery Center, UTHSC

8/22/2017- "Principal Investigator/Lab Manager Training on iLab” presented by Amanda Casey, Implementation Consultant at iLab Solutions, Agilent Technologies

5/23/2017- "Technology Transfer at the University of Tennessee: Inventions and Disclosures" presented by Richard Magid, PhD, Vice President, University of Tennessee Research Foundation

4/25/2017- "Write like a Winner: Working with the Office of Scientific Writing to Improve Your Proposals and Manuscripts" presented by Richard Redfearn, PhD, Director, Office of Scientific Writing, UTHSC

3/28/2017- "Search, Discover, and Connect: Elsevier’s Pure and What It Can Do For You” presented by Vadim Sobolev, Solutions Manager, Research Intelligence, Elsevier

1/24/2017- "Data Generated in the Proteomics and Metabolomics Core at UTHSC: Tips for Success in Planning your Proteomics Experiments" presented by Larry Reiter, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Neurology and Heather Smallwood, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics, UTHSC


12/12/2016 - "New Changes in the Animal Care and Use Program- What to Expect in 2017" presented by David Hamilton, DVM, Interim Director, Laboratory Animal Care Unit; and Jeffery Steketee, PhD, Chair, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, UTHSC

11/15/2016 - "New and Improved On-line IBC Protocol Form: Why, Where, and How” presented by Mark Miller, PhD, Chair, Institutional Biosafety Committee; Michelle Clayton, Program Manager, Electronic Research Administration; and Patricia “Tricia” Page, Senior Program Manager, Electronic Research Administration, UTHSC

10/25/2016 - "From study design to cranky reviewers: How the Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design (BERD) Unit can help you publish (and not perish)” presented by Saunak Sen, PhD, Chief of the Division of Biostatistics, and Tristan Hayes, Biostatistics Consulting Manager, UTHSC

9/21/2016 - "Industrialized Academic Drug Discovery- Combining Academic Research and Translational Sciences” presented by Mark J. Suto, PhD, Vice President Drug Discovery, Southern Research.

8/23/2016 - "Illumina’s sequencing and array-based solutions for genomic research” presented by Kevin Shianna, PhD, Executive Sequencing Specialist, and Zach Johnson, PhD, Territory Account Manager TN, MS & AL, Illumina

7/19/2016- "CRISPRs: How to Make a Mouse Faster” presented by: Robert Kesterson, PhD, Director, Transgenic & Genetically Engineered Models (TGEMS), The University of Alabama at Birmingham- Contact the Office of Research for a copy of the presentation.

6/28/2016- "UAB Microbiome Resource: Precision Medicine to Repair Dysbiotic Microbial Communities” presented by Casey D. Morrow, PhD, Director, UAB Microbiome Resource, The University of Alabama at Birmingham

5/24/2016 - "Proposed Regulations on Biospecimen Storage for Research: Ethical and Policy Issues” presented by Terrence F. Ackerman, PhD, Chair, Institutional Review Board (IRB), UTHSC

4/26/2016 - "The Molecular Resource Center and what it can do for you" presented by Bill Taylor, PhD, BS, Director, Molecular Resource Center, Larry Reiter, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Neurology, and Jeffrey M. Rybak, PharmD, Infectious Diseases Pharmacist, Integrated Biomedical Sciences PhD Student, UTHSC

Last Published: Feb 5, 2019