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The University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC Memphis, TN) offers training in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, basic sciences, and allied health professions. Located on 41 acres in the downtown area of Memphis, UT Memphis is an integral part of one of the largest urban medical centers in the country. This cooperative assemblage of private and public institutions includes community and research hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, mental health services, and various outpatient clinics. Each day, thousands of patients from Western Tennessee and several neighboring states are treated in these settings. The availability of this large and diverse patient population, as well as excellence of the UTHSC research and teaching facilities, provides students and residents with a unique and stimulating academic and medical environment.

Within the Medical Center Complex, the administrative headquarters of the Department of Psychiatry are located in the UT Behavioral Health Center, a spacious modern facility that also houses the Psychiatry Outpatient Clinic, and offices of many faculty members. Other faculty offices are located in the Department's primary training facilities.

The Outpatient Psychiatry Clinic serves adults who have been judged suitable candidates for outpatient therapy, and is a major training site during the second through the fourth years of residency. The mood and anxiety disorders teaching seminar emphasizes the pharmacologic and somatic therapies as well as behavioral and cognitive treatment options with the goal of educating residents in both clinical and research techniques.

The psychotherapy clinic teaching program provides training and experience with a wide variety of treatment modalities including individual long-term psychotherapy and group, marital, and behavioral therapies. Another area of special interest is the understanding and treatment of severe personality disorders.

The Special Problems Unit is a specialty clinic within the Department of Psychiatry which provides evaluation and treatment of adult and adolescent sex offenders. The clinic operates from a cognitive behavioral orientation using psychophysiological assessment and individual and group therapy. The purpose of the clinic is to reduce victimization of women and children through treatment of the offender.

The Child Guidance Clinic, located in the Child Development Center, serves as the primary outpatient training program for the Division of Child Psychiatry and also provides clinical training for psychiatry residents and psychology interns. The clinic emphasizes a family approach to the treatment of disturbed children and adolescents.

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