The Plough Center for Sterile Drug Delivery is a group of laboratories consisting of a core processing laboratory complex designed for instruction as well as processing of sterile dosage forms, with associated testing, analytical and research laboratories. Plough Center projects have included formulation development, development and validation of stability indicating assay methods, long-term stability studies, preparation of radiolabeled and non-labeled parenteral products for biomedical investigation and applied parenteral technology studies. The procedures used in these studies included appropriate reports and documentation provided to the Sponsor.

Construction features of the 1200 sq. foot primary laboratory include plaster ceiling and sidewalls coated with epoxy paint and flooring of the sheet vinyl, heat-welded at the seams and coved to the sidewall. The individualized air conditioning system delivers HEPA-filtered air to all rooms. All built in work counters are stainless stell with baked enamel steel cabinets. Two gowning rooms provide controlled entry to the laboratory from the corridor and from the Preparation Room in to the Aseptic Suite.

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