Division of Radiation Oncology

The Radiation Oncology Division of the UT Health Science Center is committed to making strides towards the goal of cancer eradication. The West Cancer Center has unique partnership with the University of Tennessee Health Science Center (UTHSC) which includes collaboration with Methodist Healthcare and other major healthcare and research institutions in the city and region. This singular association combines the research and teaching capabilities of a leading institution with the patient care group of one of the Mid-South's largest cancer physicians group.

The Program faculty consists of 8 radiation oncologists, as well as 5 medical physicists and 1 radiation biologist. The Department houses 4 megavoltage linear accelerators (LINAC) and two CT Simulators over two sites located in the nexus of healthcare delivery for southwest Tennessee, northern Mississippi and eastern Arkansas

The UTHSC/West Cancer Center Department of Radiation Oncology exists to produce highly competent and influential Radiation Oncologists of high character, outstanding clinical capabilities and with commitment to discovery and the advancement of science to be used in the fight against cancer.

Contact Us

Janet Herriman
Residency Coordinator
Email: jherrima@uthsc.edu