Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellowship

3-Year Program
ERAS and NRMP Participating Program

Invasive Ultrasound-Guided Techniques

The fetal medicine component of our fellowship program includes extensive exposure to invasive ultrasound-guided techniques. These techniques include genetic amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling (CVS). These skills will be taught to fellows in their first year as they rotate on the Ultrasound Service. Expertise in hands-on ultrasonography and operator-guided amniocentesis are the two prerequisite skills which fellows acquire in order to master more complex ultrasound-guided procedures, including cordocentesis, intrauterine transfusions of both red blood cells as well as platelets, shunt placement for obstructive uropathies and pleural effusions. During these experiences, the fellows will receive one-on-one training in the indications, contra-indications, and clinical utility of the procedures.

Selective Reduction

We use an injection of KCl into the heart of a fetus for performing selective reductions. The fellow will participate in the patient counseling, and they will perform the procedure with one attending. This is a procedure in which some fellows will elect not to participate based on religious or moral reasons; and, therefore, not all fellows will gain experience in this area. However, because fellows will gain much experience in self-guided needle placement, they will be able to apply this skill to both selective reductions performed in first and early second trimester pregnancies, as well as late reductions if they choose to perform these procedures.

The block diagrams that follow indicate the rotational schedule proposed for our fellows. Fellows will spend 18 months in research activities and 18 months in clinical activities (8 months in MFM, 7 months in Ultrasound, 1 month in OB Anesthesia, 1 month in Genetics, 0.5 months in Neonatology, and 0.5 months in Pathology).

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