"Really peaceful and quiet. Our neighbors are great and range from young professionals to retirees. We enjoy our frequent runs and walks next to the river, and being close to the hospitals. Downtown is a mere 5 minutes away!"

- Marc Lee (PGY4)

"Lots of residents and friends on the Island. Safe, close to the hospitals, and a great place to walk by the river. It's close to lots of great restaurants and downtown activities."

- Shelley Swindler (PGY3)


Nestled between the mighty Mississippi and the Wolf River Harbor, Mud Island is actually a small peninsula located just a stone's throw away from downtown Memphis. If you've seen The Firm, you've snuck a peek at Mud Island Park during Tom Cruise's trip on the monorail. A variety of shops and restaurants are located in Harbortown, a neighborhood on the Island, including locally owned sundry and coffee shops, a pizzeria, beauty salon, fitness center, and many others. Mud Island is also home to an amphitheatre that has enjoyed recent acts by Eric Clapton, the Lumineers, Train, Fallout Boy, and Steely Dan.

Many of our med-peds residents enjoy the proximity and short morning commute to the hospitals. There's also plenty of opportunity to be outside--running, biking, walking, or hanging out at the Greenbelt Park (which runs alongside the Mississippi River) help keep our residents from getting vitamin D deficient!

Our list below offers a sampling of some of our residents' favorite places to visit in Mud Island/Harbor Town!

All sorts of outdoor activities - also located close to Meeman-Shelby State Park (hiking, boating/fishing, camping)
Outdoors, Inc. Cyclocross and other scheduled races, including kayak and canoe, take place at the Island (not to mention a "LUVMUD" adventure race)
Annual Harbortown Crawfish Festival
Movie & Pizza Company
Terrace at the River Inn - a restaurant/bar overlooking the Mississippi River
The patio at Tug's - a restaurant in Harbor Town
Harbor Town Oktoberfest
Mud Island Park and Amphitheatre
Located close to downtown's many attractions, restaurants, and bars

Sweeping the stoop” after a tough call night!


Mud Island Amphitheater

Harbor Town

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