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Project Management Office (PMO)

Getting the right people to do the right job to ensure the right outcome of your project.

Want our expertise to help you purchase the right software? Require help setting software up?  Wish you had a database?  Feel like your office should run more efficiently? 

If you have an issue that is more time consuming than a routine task, you may need a project, a temporary endeavor undertaken to produce a unique product, service, or result.

What the PMO will:

  • Develop a project plan
  • Build a solid team on individuals
  • Ensure progress is being made

When you are not sure where to turn for an ITS solution, call the Project Management Office at (901) 448-8040.

The PMO's vision is to satisfy our customers every time.

Goals & Objectives

  • Ensure the ITS project portfolio aligns with the university's strategic objectives
  • Provide transparency for IT decision-making, planning, and work
  • Employ a standard methodology for managing projects
  • Serve as ITS's authority on PPM best practices
  • Deliver successful IT projects
    Manage or oversee the management of projects

Our Team

Vikki M. Massey, PMP, MS, MA
Phone: (901) 448-8040

Valenta Nichols, PMP, MBA
Team Lead/Project Manager
Phone: (901) 448-2895

Chris Madeksho
Project Coordinator
Information Security
Phone: (901) 448-1579

Shawn Bryan
Business Analyst
Phone: (901) 448-3123

Connie Sutton
Business Analyst
Phone: (901) 448-8032

Last Published: Sep 25, 2018