Aural Habilitation Concentration (AHC)

Graduate students in the Department of Audiology and Speech may apply to pursue a concentration in the area of Aural Habilitation. Application materials may be obtained in the department main office. Please note that not all applicants will necessarily be admitted into the concentration.

Students in the Aural Habilitation Concentration must complete of 6 hours of graduate level courses in audiology, language and/or aural habilitation. Courses taken for the concentration will count as elective credits toward their degree. Students may select courses from the following options:

For Speech-Language Pathology (MS) students:

  • ASP 585 Cochlear Implants
  • ASP 593 Independent Study in Aural Habilitation
  • ASP 594 Advanced Aural Habilitation
  • ASP 605 Speech Perception and Hearing Impairment
  • An approved course in Deaf Education

For Audiology (AuD) students:

  • ASP 561 Child Language Disorders
  • ASP 563 Language Disorders: Birth to Three
  • ASP 593 Independent Study in Child Language Disorders
  • ASP 661 Advanced Seminar: Child Language Disorders
  • An approved course in Deaf Education

Selection and scheduling of academic courses will be approved and monitored by the student’s academic advisor. Completion of all requirements for the AH will approved by the staff in Child Hearing Services (CHS) and documented in the student’s Program of Study by their faculty advisor. Completion of all AH Concentration requirements must be verified by approval signatures from the academic advisor and CHS staff on the student’s Completion of Concentration form which will be placed in the student’s department file.

The Aural Habilitation Concentration also requires three (3) semesters of clinical practicum in treatment with children who have hearing-impairments, totaling a minimum of 130 clock hours. These clock hours must be completed with a variety* of treatment experiences. At least 100 of the clock hours must be supervised by the clinical staff in CHS. All practicum within the concentration must be approved by the staff of CHS.

*Approved experiences include, but are not limited to:

  1. Group and individual treatment
  2. Children with cochlear implants
  3. Children with varying degrees of hearing loss
  4. Children varying in age (0-3, 3-5, & school age)
  5. Speech, language, & auditory skill assessment
  6. Formal and informal assessment of hearing aids, FM systems, and cochlear implant functioning
  7. Participation in a minimum of one Individual Family Service Plan or M-Team meeting or Professional Collaboration/Consulting Session.

In addition to the clinical experiences available within CHS, arrangements have been made with a number of outside facilities in which practicum experience can be gained. General information concerning operating rules, client populations, or other restrictions for specific clinical areas is included in the Clinical Policy and Procedures Manual. All students should have a copy of this manual and be familiar with its content.

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