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Methodist University Hospital Registration Materials

Contact Andrew Gienapp at (for fastest response time) or (901) 516-8529 for:

  • general GME questions
  • personnel information issues including:
      • initiating name changes in Cerner,
      • updating pager numbers in iPrivileges
      • initiating changes to other personal info reflected in iPrivileges
      • starting new Cerner access requests for residents, fellows, and medical students

MUH Contacts

Cornerstone/online training problems
Pam Thompson at or (901) 516-0370. (For faster response time, please use email.)

Access Methodist wifi
connect to the GUEST network. You'll be prompted to accept Methodist's terms and conditions by clicking the “I accept” button.

Cerner EMR, login, or wifi problems
Helpdesk at (901) 516-3111 or log a Helpdesk Ticket on Molli.

Problems with Methodist-issued pagers and pager numbers
Glynis Sandifer at or (901) 516-3305.

Assistance with pagers while on-site at MUH (needing replacement pagers, replacement clips, new batteries)
Judy Watts at or (901) 516-2362; 2nd Floor Wilson Hall.

Assistance with food funds for overnight residents
Marty Keith at or (901) 516-2346.

Assistance with badging and parking issues at MUH
Centracom at (901) 516-7765.

Computer Access

July 1 Start Dates

If you have a July 1 start date, you do not need to complete a Cerner form.

Methodist will obtain your demographic information from the UT Graduate Medical Education office. However, to ensure that Methodist processes your information in a timely manner, please turn in all of your information to UT GME by their May 15th deadline.

Delays sending forms and info to GME could cause delays in your ability to access the Methodist/Le Bonheur computer systems; delays could even be experienced after your start date.

Residents and fellows starting the new academic year will be processed during late May. Expect initial contact from Methodist personnel in early June with your ID number, login credentials, and info about required online training. Please do not contact MUH personnel until June. 

Contact for all residents and fellows starting July 1 will be done via your address.

Other Start Dates

Residents and fellows starting at other times of the year (ie, not the new academic year) will need to complete a Computer Access Request Form and return it to Andrew Gienapp. Note that previous versions of the Cerner Access Request Form will not be accepted and incomplete forms will not be processed.

You will receive follow-up communication with your ID, login credentials, and online training information within approximately 5 business days of receipt of your application.

Cornerstone Online Training

All training for Methodist/Le Bonheur computer systems is done via an online portal called Cornerstone.  After your application/information is processed, you will be contacted via email with your ID number, login credentials, and Cornerstone training info. 

For issues related to Cornerstone access after you receive your login credentials for online training, contact Pam Thompson or call the Medical Informatics Education Line at (901) 516-0369. For faster response time, please use email.


Residents and fellows are able to get a badge from Methodist security (Centracom) after you have been issued an ID number (sent to you via email). 

Location: Behind the Medical Staff Auditorium. Knock on the door for entry. If no one answers, call the main security line at (901) 516-7765.

Hours of Operation: Tuesday–Thursday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

MUH/Le Bonheur Badges:  Badging at Centracom is reserved for residents/fellows in Adult residency programs and in combined Peds and Adult programs, like Med-Peds (ie, you are able to get both a MUH and Le Bonheur badge). However, Peds-only residents should go to Le Bonheur for badges.


Complete the Parking Form and give to security personnel in the Centracom office.

Residents and fellows are directed to park in the Associate Parking Garage (building L). Entrances to the garage are found on both Bellevue Blvd. and Pasadena Pl.

MUH Campus Map

map of the methodisty university campus 

Last Published: Jun 24, 2017