The Hamilton Eye Institute


The most fundamental requirements for a successful scientific endeavor are research space and adequate facilities. These become increasingly critical as the expanding frontier of science opens areas of research accessible only with sophisticated new equipment and techniques.

The Center for Vision Research (CVR) is based on the seventh floor of the Hamilton Eye Institute located in the 930 Madison building. Occupying more than 15,000 square feet of the institute, this area houses the CVR administrative offices, laboratory space, and core facilities for imaging and molecular biology that are available to a large group of CVR members.

Under the direction of Barrett G. Haik, MD, FACS, the Hamilton Eye Institute has rapidly become one of the Mid-South’s premier vision research facilities and is well on its way to becoming one of the primary vision research centers for the nation, providing high quality eye care and medical education from some of the nation's finest physicians and serving hospitals in Memphis and surrounding areas. The building is a multi-use medical building containing physician offices, adult and pediatric clinics, outpatient surgical suites, administrative offices, an adjacent parking garage, and a food courtexternal link icon The 930 Madison building, which cost about $45 million when built in 1990, was a gift from Baptist Memorial Hospital, valued at $12 million.

The research space in the Hamilton Eye Institute is the only vision program in the state of Tennessee to receive a construction grant ($1.89 million) from the National Institutes of Health, which was matched by generous donations. The pediatric clinic was also funded by the Crippled Children’s Foundation, and private donors were also very important to the successful completion of the Hamilton Eye Institute. Fundraising is ongoing and led by Rob Carter, executive vice president and chief information officer of the FedEx Corporation.