Emergency Medicine Residency

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Thank you for your interest in the UT Memphis Emergency Medicine Residency. We have a few thoughts for those interested both in student rotations and in the Residency Program. We have some unique and, frankly, incredible opportunities and resources for those interested in training with us.  Please have a look at our curriculum for training opportunity descriptions and a detailed look at our program.  The astute future resident will notice that opportunities exist here which can only be found in a few top medical centers in the world.  We feel especially fortunate to be able to provide this training to our future students and residents.

Our training philosophy is one of mutual respect and cooperation with the resident.  In a very real way, we exist to serve our residents needs as much as our residents exist to serve the needs of our community.  Emergency Medicine’s mission is that we are expected to be able to handle anything, at any time, especially when the cases are critical and/or atypical.  Our goal is to produce very competent, confident, and compassionate residents who know what they know and know where to find or learn the rest.

We are looking for highly self-motivated and driven residents who recognize the opportunities this residency has to offer.  If you have an area of interest, you will be supported in your pursuit of this expertise, and expected to pass it on to all of your colleagues at the Residency.  If this program sounds like a place you could call home for three very busy but fun years, we would ask that you simply let one of the core faculty members know so that we can discuss how we can help you, and how you can help us.  Our residency program is new, but, for those bold enough; it is an opportunity to make your training experience exactly what you think it should be!  If you feel you need a different training experience, let us know that as well…we adapt easily, we’re ER Docs after all…and that isn’t for everyone.

The Faculty, UTHSC Memphis Emergency Medicine Residency

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Patricia Split
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