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Parking and Access

 Campus Parking Map

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UTHSC Parking Services Employee/Student/Commerical Parking Lots and Buildings

Parking Services

Any motor vehicle parked on University property, other than in paid meter spaces must display a valid University of Tennessee parking permit. The type of permit indicates the areas where the vehicle may be parked. Use of a motor vehicle on University of Tennessee property is a privilege, not a right, and is made available only under the policies established in the University Rules and Parking Regulations currently in effect.

Announcements and Improvements 

Parking Services announces two initiatives to improve and enhance campus parking. Additional changes will be coming in the near future, and we will keep you informed as project scheduling is defined. 

Beginning Monday, March 5th, Parking Lot A (between the Hyman and Johnson Buildings) will be CLOSED for construction. Please contact Parking Services for assistance at or 901.448.5549 if you require guest parking prior to any meetings or special events.

2019 Announcement

campus police multispace parking meter

New parking meters

Re-striping of parking areas is underway. Lots "K", "N", "R", "S", "T", "W", and "X" will be re-striped.

An exact timeline can not be provided due to recent rains. However, progress is being made particularly in parking facilities on the south side of the campus. Work will continue until complete. 

Two multi-space parking meters will soon be activated. The devices will serve as the pay station for "V" Lot and street spaces on the west side of the Student Alumni Center. Customers will pay for parking at the meter and place the receipt on the dashboard of their vehicle.

We will update this announcement when an activation date is established.

2017 Improvements

2017 Improvements

Lot A will be closed and unavailable for use after December 9, 2016 for at least two (2) years depending on construction.  Please contact Parking Services for assistance at or 901.448.5549 if you request guest parking.

In order to improve the quality of University of Tennessee Health Science Center campus parking facilities, Parking Services is renovating parking Lot J by July. View the Parking Map. A more detailed explanation of each lot can be found below.

Last Published: Nov 6, 2019