Welcome to Vascular Biology Center of Excellence (VBCE) Summer Research Programs

The Vascular Biology Center of Excellence (VBCE) is an established initiative housed in the College of Medicine at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. The impetus behind the Center is to promote and advance basic, translational and clinical research of blood cells and vessels. VBCE areas of focus are coronary artery disease, thrombosis and hemostasis, endothelial cell function, tumor cell metastasis and vascular imaging. Since its inception in 1999, the Center has recruited approximately 100 collaborating investigators from more than 30 departments across the UTHSC campus.

The Center endeavors to nurture the development of partnerships of basic scientists and physician investigators in the research community who share a common vision of improving the diagnosis and treatment of vascular disease. The specific goal of the Center is to promote the translation of findings from bench to patient bedside. This environment is ideally suited for introducing Medical Students to careers in academia and emphasizing the importance of combining basic science with clinical investigation. Click on the left sidebar link for more information on Student Research Training Program.

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