Possible Benefits to Participants

Consider the following benefits from participating in the Program during your option period. You may:

  1. Explore a question or problem that is of interest to you.
  2. Gain a broader perspective on your profession. Will make you a better physician.
  3. Make a meaningful contribution to the research program of your preceptor and his/her scientific efforts. Participation is more than just an "experience". Research fellows have a defined project with a definitive end-point.
  4. Publish the results of your project as a full manuscript or abstract, make a slide or poster presentation at a scientific meeting, or win a research prize. About 50% of former Program participants have accomplished at least one of the above.
  5. Work with and get to know a faculty investigator and/or group of investigators who might serve as references for future letters of recommendation.
  6. Help in residency placement. You can add to your resume and have an opportunity to distinguish yourself in a research project compared to most other residency applicants.
  7. Address and gain an in-depth understanding of a scientific health-related problem.
  8. Have a productive and enjoyable summer. The vast majority of former participants have reported very positive overall experiences.
  9. Receive a stipend of $1,731 per month or $5,193 for a full 3-month fellowship appointment period.
  10. Explore a possible career path.

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