Peri Ankh Board

The Board of Trustees is comprised of 6 alumni of UTCOM, 1 faculty member, 2 resident members, and 4 current students and is tasked with determining allocation of funds. Present Board members include the following:


  • Norma Edwards, M.D.
  • Dennis Higdon, M.D.
  • Jeff Kerland, M.D.
  • Eugene Mangiante, M.D.
  • Bob Richardson, M.D.
  • Hershel Wall, M.D.


  • Tyler Cannon, M.D.
  • Regan Williams, M.D.


  • Rob Peeler to M2


  • Owen Phillips, M.D.

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Peri Ankh Student Endowment Fund

P.O. Box 63096
Memphis, TN 38163.


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