CHEER aims to promote interdisciplinary and inter-institutional collaboration with researchers and community members throughout Memphis. In an effort to promote health equity and educate members of the community, CHEER hosts monthly seminars at locations throughout the city. These seminars feature speakers from a variety of backgrounds who are working to eliminate health disparities. CHEER seminars invite the community, students, researchers, health professionals, and all who are interested to attend our seminars. The seminars are free and open to the public.

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Date Seminar Presenter
09/28/2013 Bridges to Health Summit 2013  
03/12/2013 Controlled Substance Symposium
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Mitchell Mutter, MD, FACC - facilitator
Date Seminar Presenter
12/8/2012 "Getting Ahead, How does Education Affect My Health?"
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Dr. Michelle Taylor
3/30/2012 Effect of an INSIGHT Depression Intervention for Caregivers of Hemodialysis Patients Description Dr. Mona Wicks
2/24/2012 Translational Research: The Road from Efficacy to Equity Ana V. Diez-Roux, MD, PhD, MPH
2/12/2012 Faith-Based Health and Wellness Mobilization  PDF icon Dr. Michael O. Minor
1/20/2012 Childhood Obesity  Microsoft PowerPoint link icon Dr. Patricia Cowan
Date Seminar Presenter
12/6/2011 The Crisis Center and Memphis Mental Health Resources Mike LaBonte
11/18/2011 Comparison of Fresh Food Access in the US and Denmark: Exploring Complementary Public Policy and Private Lifestyles  Microsoft PowerPoint link icon Dr. Sharon Bush Pedersen
10/28/2011 No Cheese. No Trust, No Blood: African American Men and Healthcare Dr. Jerry Watson
9/21/2011 Earned Benefits Workshop and Free Eligibility Assessments Katherine McDaniel
5/25/2011 Black and Blue: Depression in the African American Community Dr. Altha Stewart
4/29/2011 Results from the Partnership for Asthma Trigger-Free Homes (PATH) Study Dr. Cheryl Golden
3/25/2011 Memphis Healthy Churches: A Health and Wellness Promotion Program Patria Johnson
2/25/2011 "The Promise of Health Equity: Advancing the Discussion to Eliminate Disparities in the 21st Century" Dr. Bonnie Duran
1/21/2011 Improving Genetic Health Literacy Using Community-Based Approaches  PDF icon Dr. Vicki Park
Date Seminar Presenter
12/10/2010 YOUR Blessed Health: Mobilizing the Church to Confront HIV Dr. Latrice Pichon and Ms. Bettina
11/12/2010 Project 38108: Raising Infant Mortality Awareness through Theater Lillie Thomas &
Project 38109
10/22/2010 I'm A Survivor: African American Women Overcoming Breast Cancer Dr. Barbara Davis
9/17/2010 Housing Policies and Health Disparities: The Criminal Connection, photo galleryicon Drs. Richard Janikowski and
Phyllis Betts
8/20/2010 CBPR: Definition and Description Dr. Leon Caldwell
7/23/2010 A Faith-Based Message: HIV and the Church Dr. Noel Hutchison
6/18/2010 Connect to Protect: HIV Prevention in 38106 Andrea Williams
5/14/2010 Preventing Infant Mortality: The Blues Project  PDF icon Dr. Kimberly Lamar
4/27/2010 The Mayor's View on the MED and Health Disparities Mayor Joe Ford
4/23/2010 H2D and Health Disparities Dr. Rani Whitfield
2/19/2010 Lessons from PATH" Challenges in CBPR Dr. Golden


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