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Sweet Shoutouts Submissions

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Read how these UTHSC faculty, staff, and students have helped or inspired someone in a positive way. 

Thank you for spreading the love!

Dr. Ray Galvan

Dr. Galvan is always encouraging, positive, and extremely helpful during lab! He is full of knowledge and experience and always willing to share! It is always very appreciated!

- Sharon Mainya, College of Dentistry


Tony Burns, Michelle Shiver, Ariel O'Brien

Appreciate the great work you do for our team!

- Greg Harris, UT Foundation


Madison Sluter, McKenna Harpring, Taylor Plunkett, and Amy Davis

You all inspire me to be the best scientist I can be! Don't know where I'd be without your love and support.

- Tess Bub, CGHS MIB Track


Sarah Thompson, Library Communications Coordinator

In just a year, Sarah's excellent work has had a demonstrable impact for the Library and our ability to communicate our services and resources to the campus. If that wasn't enough, she's also a great colleague and a joy to work with! Thank you, Sarah!

- Jennifer Langford, Health Sciences Library


George McNeil - TLC

Thanks for recording the lab sessions in the GEB this summer. You are Terrific!

- Linda Ross, Program in Medical Lab Science


General Education Building Staff

We LOVE our GEB Angels - Marsha Yarbro, Susan Cooper, Ronald Davis, BK Saha, Carol Mason and Julie Sutch! We couldn't train our students without your dedicated work!

- Linda Ross, Program in Medical Lab Science


The Women's Resource Group 

Just want to send hugs and kisses out to the women in the Resource Group that is still working hard to keep us virtually connected.  

- Carla Griffin-Crouthers, OBGYN


My Team - Greg, Ariel and Tony

Thanks for making our team what it is - hardworking and fun!

- Michelle Shiver, UT Foundation


Back Door Crew at Dunn Dental

Shout out to the back door crew at Dunn Dental! Y’all are amazing!

- Ashley Barnes, College of Dentistry


Digital Content Team in the Office of Communications and Marketing

I'd like to send a shoutout to my two main team members, Natalie Brewer and Natalie Gilmore-Cornes! We make a good team and always support each other! Happy Valentine's Day, ladies!

- Jasmine Zust, Communications and Marketing


Dental Hygiene Faculty

I never tell you enough, but y'all are more than amazing!! The BEST team ever. Thank you for all you do!

- Lynn Russell, Dental Hygiene


Catrina Parker, Antonese James and Angela Brooks

Thank you all for keeping the ITS Business Office running smoothly. 

- Valerie Wheeler, ITS


Rae'Mona Crump

She always goes the extra mile to uplift others. Her smile is contagious even behind the mask. 

- Valerie Wheeler, ITS



I would like to thank Facilities for their continuous dedication and assiduousness both day and night. Your unwavering commitment sets the pace for raising the bar of excellence. You are appreciated!

- LaTisha L Williams


Facilities Architecture and Planning

I am proud to be part of such an awesome group who supports each other like we do!!

- Rosalie Nelson, Facilities Architecture and Planning


Dr. Kennard Brown

Many thanks to Dr. Brown for his direction and leadership through this difficult and unprecedented time. He continues to lead the UTHSC campus with vision, openness, and compassion. We appreciate you!!!

- Anonymous, West Tennessee Regional Forensic Center


Natalie Brewer

Shout out to Natalie for helping me with orientation and giving great conversation between student photos. You truly make orientations fun! 

- Niky Morrison, SACE


Tammy Soto

Tammy is ALWAYS, pleasant, kind and supportive! You do such a great job. Happy Valentine's Day!!

-  Becky Ratliff and April Haynie, UDP Faculty Practice


Liz Jones

Thank you for your all your help!

- Jennifer Scanlon, Foundation


Cherisa Lewis

Thank you for your willingness to guide me and mentor me during my onboarding and for your ongoing support.

- Jennifer Scanlon, Foundation


Tammy Soto

We wouldn't know to function with out you. You're the best.

- Becky Ratliff and April Haynie, UDP Faculty Practice


Sylvia Nisar

A big thanks to Sylvia Nisar in the Registrar's Office for her patience and help with registration issues and Acalog updates. She always responds quickly and if she doesn't know the answer she will find someone who does. Thanks, Sylvia!  

- Kathy Kenwright, Medical Laboratory Science


CMOD and Epistats Professors 

Thank you all for the hard work you do to make a difficult class more manageable! We appreciate y’all! 

- Anonymous, College of Medicine


LACU Department

I’m so proud to be apart of a wonderful team. It’s been challenging for us all during these worldly events and y’all manage to remain kind during it all.

- Candace Yvette Jones, LACU Department


Brittney Murray 

Brittney is one of the sweetest people in HR. She is a pleasure to work with and one of the best go to people I know.

- Debbie Long, Human Resources


Tori Payne Webster

I was so proud of you when you were my student, but seeing you become an instructor in the College of Nursing is AWESOME!  I am so glad you decided to join our team!

- Christie Cavallo, College of Nursing


Sherry Webb

Thank you for helping me through some rough life events lately.  Your care means a lot to me!

- Christie Cavallo, College of Nursing


Katie White- UTHSC Locksmith

Katie, you are always so patient and kind with my requests! Thank you for always being so helpful! Happy Valentine's Day!

- Kristen McKenzie, Preventive Medicine



Thank you from the NSG 444 Concepts 1 course for helping us pull off a great beginning skills labs for our Spring semester.  Y'all rock!

- Christie Cavallo, College of Nursing


Communications and Marketing Team

Sally Badoud's Communications and Marketing Team - the professional work they do is amazing. Way to go!!!!!!!!! Appreciate the quality of work, especially on the last two projects. Thank you!

- Kelly Shempert, Basic Sciences Department


The Preventive Medicine Front Liners

You ladies are AWESOME teammates and your hard work never goes unnoticed! Happy Valentines Day!

- Kristen McKenzie, Preventive Medicine


Dr. Lori Gonzalez

Dr. Gonzalez has been extremely supportive and positive towards the UTHSC Police since I was hired as chief. Dr. Gonzalez has never been to busy to return a call or an email immediately when contacted. I have appreciated her professionalism and her support of me and this department. Sweet Shout-Out to you Dr. Gonzalez and you will be missed.

- Chief Berryhill, Campus Police


The IT Helpdesk

You are faithful unsung heroes, and all our grateful hearts owe you!

- Jean Perdicaris, Academic, Faculty, and Student Affairs


Eliane Pater

Eliane is the sweetest person you will ever meet. She does a great job of supporting all of us in SACE and is such a positive presence in the office and with the students!

- Alison Brown, Student Affairs and Community Engagement


Chinnu Salim

Shoutout to Chinnu for being the best labee and treating everyone with unmatched patience and kindness!

- Ann Kan, Pharmacology


Misty Haines

Misty has been so supportive and kind since I started with the CON. She never hesitates to help or orient me to something new. Plus, she is always genuinely interested in how I am doing.

- AJ Shearin, College of Nursing Research and Scholarship


Lauren Wade

Lauren is the person you want in your corner to celebrate your wins and grieve your losses; she is the best encourager and the best friend.

- CR, College of Medicine


Amanda Lund

Amanda is the person I want to see on my best days and my worst days because either way, I always leave with a smile on my face and my heart so fulfilled. 

- CR, College of Medicine


Sophie Pilkinton

Sophie goes above and beyond to make other people feel seen and known and loved, and I am proud to know her and honored to call her a friend.

- CR, College of Medicine


Laura Sipe

Laura is an incredible postdoctoral fellow! A great trainee and mentor who will continue to do great work in years to come. 

- Liza Makowski, College of Medicine/Center for Cancer Research


Brenda Horton

Thanks for all your handwork and dedication! You always get the job done! 

- Lynne Moore, Continuing Dental Education


West TN Regional Forensic Center

Sending a shout out to the hard working crew at the Forensic Center. They are the forgotten workers who have maintained the Forensic Center operations during the pandemic. The entire team ROCKS!

- Anonymous, West TN Regional Forensic Center



Shout out to my new team. It's been hard to move to a whole new city/state in the height of a pandemic, but they continue to make me feel at home! The SACE team has been able to help me find some awesome local food and coffee as well as made me truly feel a part of the UT community. YOU ROCK! 

- Nicky Morrison, Student Affairs and Community Engagement


My Ortho Girls (Amy, Liz, Kim, and LaJuana)

Love you ladies and I feel blessed everyday by getting to come to work and see your faces!! Thank you for being like a second family to me and always being there!! 

- Charlene, Department of Orthodontics


Jeanice K. White, Department of Medicine

Jeanice is ALWAYS, pleasant, kind and supportive!

- Deloris, The University of Tennessee Foundation


Devin Scott and the TLC

One word: AWESOME! I am grateful for the opportunity to work with you and to learn from you. 

- Kate Fouquier, College of Nursing


Susan Miller

She works hard and quickly to serve the students with registrar requests. She's a STAR! 

- Emily, Office of the Dean College of Dentistry


College of Nursing 

I joined the College of Nursing just months before COVID rocked our world! Under the leadership of Dean Wendy Likes, I have witnessed the dedication, innovation and compassion given to the faculty, staff and our students. It is an honor to be part of the UTHSC CON. 

- Kate Fouquier, Nursing


Jennifer Stewart

She is a great lady and takes the time to listen to you. Thank you! 

- Emily LaRue, Office of the Dean College of Dentistry


UTHSC Campus Police Housekeepers in the Hyman Building

The Housekeeping Staff is the greatest. These ladies San Boone and Jennifer Edwards are the Rock Stars keeping our building clean and making us aware of any maintenance problems that need fixing. There Supervisor  Mike Jones is always there for us and make sure we are will taking care of,  We love our crew. Shout out to the Badness Sweet and Hard working crew on Campus.

- Veronica Jones, UTHSC Campus Police and Security Department

COVID-19 Vaccine Team

Thank you to the COVID-19 Vaccine team!!! So many of us are grateful for the sacrifices you all made to protect us!!! Thank you all!!!

- Chandra Alston, Human Resources


Keyur R Parmar

He has been an amazing colleague throughout the lasy year!

- Ashish, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences


Endocrinology Division

It's been 3 years since I started working in Endocrinology division and everyday is a new learning opportunity  Professionally and Personally. I want to shoutout to my Mentor Dr Samuel Dagogo Jack who gives us every opportunity and inspires us to be humble and work hard to do great things in life for the benefit of humankind.

- Avnisha Patel, Endocrinology


Valerie Wheeler, ITS

Valerie is always so joyful and friendly and makes your day better when you interact with her.

- Anonymous


Rachel McCray

Thank you for keeping me sane during these crazy times.

- Timika Ward, Campus Police


Wendy Likes

Wendy has led the College of Nursing through the most turbulent time in our history. She did not just maintain the college, she communicated with openness and transparency. She has demonstrated strength, flexibility, and understanding as we navigated to a completely virtual world. She kept our students at the forefront, and inspired our faculty to rise to the occasion. She hosted virtual town halls and a virtual gala. She kept the college moving forward, ensuring our students finished all of their courses and clinical work and inspired the faculty and staff to work together as one unit- all for the students in the College of Nursing. She kept us moving forward- even ensuring that the Crowe building renovation remained on target and assisted us in a huge move to our new building when we had limited time on campus. She kept going- not just getting there by enduring time, but by stepping up to embrace the opportunities the pandemic offered. She encouraged faculty to volunteer with community COVID-19 testing efforts. She encouraged faculty to volunteer to immunize students, faculty, residents and fellows when the vaccine arrived at UTHSC. Wendy made sure all of the CON students were safe and protected. The UTHSC CON students were the first nursing students in Memphis to be vaccinated against COVID-19. She worked with the Shelby County Health Department and the State of Tennessee to ensure the most effective leader in the college, Terri Stewart, lead the Commercial Appeal building/ Alternative Care Site renovation.  She encouraged faculty to volunteer to stock the ACS in an effort to prepare for its opening. Wendy went above and beyond, and continues to do so. 

- Nina Sublette, College of Nursing


Amy Hall

You welcomed me to UT with such a warm, friendly attitude.   From our lunchtime workouts to camaraderie and encouragement, thanks for being such a positive friend!  You're the best!

- Heather Juzeszyn, SASSI


Laura Reed

Laura has been instrumental in maintaining a consistently professional environment to both faculty and students in the Family Nurse Practitioner DNP program. Her leadership kept us moving forward in the midst of the pandemic. We continued teaching and started volunteering. Our students jumped right in, too! Our students had 100% pass rate for their boards and we are in the midst of interviewing applicants for the next class. She has been a beacon of light in the storm- and I am grateful she is my colleague! 

- Nina Sublette, College of Nursing


Amy, Liz, Kim, and LaJuana

I love my girls!!! I’m so happy and blessed to be working beside you amazing ladies!! Thank you for being my second family!! 

- Charlene, Orthodontics


Julie Sutch

I don't know if she will get to see this but I just wanted to let her know how much I care about her.  Julie is the consummate professional in that she did whatever she could to help you in a sweet, unassuming manner. Her look was always on point and so was she.  I truly appreciate all she has done for UTHSC for over 40 years and for me personally.

- Jackie Cotton, Office of Finance

AFSA 4th Floor

Thank you for making my first month at UTHSC amazing!

- Kristi Forman, Faculty Affairs

Dr. Robert Wake and Ms. Trisha Phelan

I joined the Urology Department last May and have felt so appreciated. A big thank you to Dr. Robert Wake and Ms. Trisha Phelan for being so gracious and kind.  I am so grateful to be a part of your department.

- Jennifer Valli, Urology


Cassie Glatt, Madison Story, Jenny Long, Sierra Byrum, Marina Hasmi, Taylor Travis, Emilee Curtis and Molly Daniel 

Happy Valentines to these sweet souls and amazing hygienists! 

- Cheyenne Davis, Dental Hygiene 2022


Felix Johnson

You’re a wonderful man. Encouraging, loving, funny, and a great father love you!

- Brea, Dunn Dental Operator

MLS Faculty

Literally, all my MLS faculty have been super energetic and refreshing, even through Zoom! Thanks you all for your efforts, your time and your encouragements.

- Jessica Parks, MLS Program

Lauren Shine

Thanks for encouraging me to always strive for better! Thanks for being such a light!

- Jessica Parks, MLS Program

Laura Hermann

Hello friend, sending you a “sweet shoutout” 😘

- Nate, Audiology

To the man and woman who stock the vending machines

Thank you for providing us with a clean, safe way to buy food on campus during covid! 

- Anonymous

Elena Siani 

Your attitude and dedication to your patients is inspiring. Stay golden. 

- Anesthesiology

Clay A Woemmel

Thank you for all that you do for so many students! We appreciate your patience and compassion!

- Medical Student

Kristen Bettin

Thank you for always being there to help. You are an inspiration! 

- Khyati Kothari, Psychiatry

Trimika Bowdre

Dr. Bowdre voluntarily and cheerfully took on interim jobs in addition to her own job. I appreciate your hard work and great attitude!

- Bobby Bellflower, College of Nursing, DNP Program

Contracts Crew at OSP - Cassandra Watson, Monica Campbell, and Tony Rallings

This job wouldn't be the same without your endless love and support! <3 

- Alexandra Francis, Office of Sponsored Programs

Rachel George

Thank you for your hard work! Getting up at 2AM to get COVID test results so our students can go to clinical is above and beyond! You do this every two weeks and we so appreciate it.

- Bobby Bellflower, College of Nursing, DNP Program

DNP Nursing Students

Students have been willing to do whatever it takes to complete their courses and clinicals without complaints. Some have been COVID tested every two weeks, but they do it without complaints. We are so proud of them. They will be great Nurse Practitioners and CRNAs!

- Bobby Bellflower, College of Nursing, DNP Program


Patti Smith

I cannot imagine what we would do without Patti...even under pressure, she has a sunny disposition and positive attitude! Patti - thank you for all that you do! 

- Lisa Beasley, CON

Rachel Caldwell

For being a trooper! Being down to one staff member isn’t easy and she did it with such Grace! Thankful for her always! 

- Anonymous

Dr. Jenn Hausladen

Also willing to listen and generate helpful actions to benefit the students of the organization! 

- Larissa, Audiology


Stephanie Breuer 

Stephanie is the budget guru and an invaluable resource for grant writing in the CON. Steph - you are fabulous! 

- Lisa Beasley, CON

Dr. Beth Humphrey 

Always there for her students and show genuine concern for their mental health! 

- Larissa, Audiology

Karen Nellis 

Karen is so helpful and responsive to my questions involving the grant we are involved with. She is AWESOME!

- Lisa Beasley, CON


Highly energetic, hard working, solves every problem at the departmental level. And ..never gets tired

- Vijay, College of Pharmacy


The Whole Campus!

Just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Valentines Day. Hope that all have a blessed day.

- Daniel Avanzi, Plumbing Services

Niky Morrison

Niky is always up to jump in and help whenever anyone needs it!

- Alison Brown, Student Affairs and Community Engagement

The UTHSC Campus Police

A huge shoutout to the UTHSC police for their support during lockdown tough times, regulating the COVID vaccination queue and helping us day and night. 

- Pratheepa Rasiah, Opthalmology

Tabatha Bortters

Thanks for all that you do! 

- Anonymous

Martha Velez

You are awesome and much loved by students and us. Thank you for all you do. You are one of the big reasons I love what I do.

- Pallavi Khanna, OB/GYN

Kathy Mathis

Thank you for holding our office together through the Covid-19 crisis.

- Teresa Young, The Office of General Counsel

Jackie, Alicia, & Delores at the Library

Thank you for the excellent work that you do! 

- Tamara

Veronica Jones

Thank you to Veronica and the Campus Police team for welcoming me with smiling faces on my first day and for keeping our campus safe!  

- Ariel O'Brien, UT Foundation

Michelle Shiver

Thank you Margaret for being such a great friend and classmate to me in our first year of Pharmacy School! You make Memphis feel like home!  

- Alex Yoby, Pharmacy

Margaret Stubblefield

Michelle has been such a bright light and full of helpful information as I am new to the Development team. I appreciate her so much!

- Ariel O'Brien, UT Foundation

The Entire UTHSC Communications and Marketing Team!

It's almost been a full month since leaving my full-time, 8-year corporate job to join UTHSC and I'm so happy with my decision! I appreciate the team's acceptance and encouragement. Also, I am thankful for the grace that's been shown as I adjust into my "newness"! This new experience has truly been an answered prayer!

- Natalie GC, Digital


May 26, 2022