Board Preparation

For additional board preparation strategies or personalized study schedule, please make an appointment with a SASSI educational specialist or call 448-5056.

College of Dentistry

College of Health Professions

Physician Assistant

PANCE Preparation

Clinical Laboratory Sciences (MT & CT)

Preparing for the Certification/License Exam

  • A SASSI webucation on approaching, preparing, and optimizing review time. Includes helpful tips, strategies, and recommendations from previous students.

Preparing for the ASCP Board Exam

  • SASSI presentation to MT/CT students. Includes recommendations and suggestions that previous students have mentioned as being valuable in preparing for boards.

MT Example Study Schedule

CT Example Study Schedule

How to Approach Studying

Board Preparation Tips

Strategic Approach to Reviewing Questions

Approaching, Processing, and Maximizing Questions

Physical Therapy

Preparing for the NPTE

  • A SASSI webucation on preparing for the NPTE. Includes strategic approaches, example study schedules, and how to maximize your review time.

Example PT Board Schedule

Guide to Making a PT Board Schedule

Helpful Board Preparation Tips

Strategic Approach to Reviewing Questions

Approach, Processing, and Maximizing Questions

College of Medicine

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