Application Format for Bridge Funding

A principal investigator who meets the aforementioned criteria must submit an application to the Office of Research. Submit the application electronically, in one PDF file to:

The application should contain the following:

  1. Letter justifying the need for bridge funds which includes:
    • Title, NIH number, and UTHSC account (R07) number of interrupted grant
    • Requested bridge fund start and end dates (up to a two-year period)
    • Amount of bridge fund request, budget allocation, and pertinent information regarding budget (i.e., personnel, supplies)
    • Timeline of re-submission for extramural funds to NIH
    • Outline of other funds (such as endowments) or other grants currently funded, with dates of funding, source of funding, and amounts/year
    • Statement at the end of letter:  "I certify that I have applied for extramural funds on [date] and will continue to reapply within the next 12 months."
    • PI signature
    • Letter should be addressed to Steven R. Goodman, Ph.D., Vice Chancellor for Research
  2. Specific Aims of expired grant
  3. Grant publications by PI
  4. NIH Summary Statement of continuation grant with reviewer critiques and score
  5. PI's proposed response to the critique
  6. PI's full CV
  7. Letter from PI's Chair confirming information provided is correct, to the best of their knowledge, and outlining their opinion of possibility of future funding on this project.