The LACU maintains radiography machines in both the Nash and Coleman buildings. The unit in the Nash animal facility is a standard x-ray machine with film and a chemical automatic processor. The Coleman animal facility has an IDEXX digital IDEXX radiography machine that ablates the need for film and processing and provides an image that can be directly uploaded to a digital storage device or emailed. X-ray radiography is particularly useful in orthopedic studies in which bony changes can be monitored over time in response to a surgical procedure or treatment.

technicians Our veterinary technicians are trained in radiography and have much experience in obtaining high quality images. Radiographs can be made of live, anesthetized animals, or of individual bony structures (e.g. femurs).

Technician time of $37.50/hour
Film: $5 per film
Machine Use: $25/hr (UT)
Machine Use: $35/hr (non-UT)
**Radiography procedures and anesthesia must be listed and described in an approved IACUC protocol**