Office of Human Subjects Protection

With offices and personnel at Memphis, and the Graduate School of Medicine in Chattanooga and Knoxville, the Office of Human Subjects Protection provides oversight to all activities that pertain to the inclusion of humans as research participants. Its mission is to create an environment that fosters the ethical conduct of human subjects’ research through quality assurance and education.

The Office of Human Subjects Protection strives to foster the ethical conduct of human subjects research through activities that provide:

  • Continuous education of key study personnel
  • On-going review of human subject research
  • A resource for research staff and study participants
  • Development, implementation and review of relevant institutional issues.


  • Education and certification programs for all key personnel
  • Guidance for researchers pertaining to specific human subject research issues
  • Provision of information and resource materials related to human subject research

A 24-hour ‘hotline’ is available for the confidential reporting of research compliance issues: (901) 448-1771