Affymetrix Microarrays Guidelines

Procedure Sample type Buffer to Resuspend in Concentration Needed Minimum
Expression arrays
(≥1µg total RNA or ≥ 200ng mRNA)
(total or mRNA)
Water 125ng/µl total RNA
25ng/µl mRNA
Expression arrays
(10-100ng total RNA)
(total or mRNA)
Water 3.5ng/µl
Prokaryotic End Labeling RNA
(total or mRNA)
Water 555ng/µl
(10µg’s RNA needed)
Prokaroytic Amplification RNA
(total or mRNA)
Water 100ng/µl total RNA
40ng/µl mRNA
Whole Transcriptome
Exon Array
Water 310 ng/µl recommended for optimal expression (33.5ng/µl can be used for small sample sizes for samples with limited amounts of RNA)
Whole Transcriptome
Gene ST 1.0 array
Water 33.5 ng/µl
(recommend 100ng/µl)
Tiling Arrays RNA
Water 400 ng/µl - Human and Mouse
1µg/µl - all other organisms
ChIP on Chip DNA Water 1 ng/µl in 10µl water minimum
Water 125 ng/µl recommended
12.5 ng/µl minimum
Genotyping DNA Reduced EDTA TE buffer 50ng/µl
Mapping DNA Reduced EDTA TE buffer 50ng/µl
SNP DNA Reduced EDTA TE buffer 50ng/µl
Resequencing Arrays DNA Water 5ng/µl in 20 µl water minimum

Please follow guidelines above for dilutions of samples for Affymetrix arrays.

NOTE: All RNA samples need to be DNased to remove genomic DNA contamination.

Sample quality will be checked using Agilent Bioanalyzer, RNA samples need to be at a minimum 50ng/µl and for pico chips you will need to contact MRC staff for appropriate concentration.

For sample sizes below the minimum concentrations mentioned above or if you have any questions please contact Lorne Rose at 901-448-8229.

For pricing click MRC Affymetrix Microarrays Price List.

Additional information about Affymetrix arrays please visit the Affymetrix website.

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