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Section 4

as of August 23, 2022

Member Name
(Last, First)
Gender M/F Earned Degree(s) Scientist (S) or Non-Scientist (N) Primary Specialty Affiliated* Comments
Ackerman, Terrence M PhD N Bioethics Y Alternate Chair for Dr. Carol Likens
Barclay, Cameron F MSA, CIP N Healthcare Administration/ Paralegal Y IRB Director
Christensen, Michael M PharmD s Pediatric Clinical Pharmacy Y Alternate Chair for Dr. Carol Likens
Clarke, Catherine F MD S Internal Medicine/ Sports Medicine/ Radiation Therapy Technologist N  
EIAbiad, Mohamad Tammam Rabih M MD, MS S Pediatrics/ Neonatology/ Epidemiology Y  
Jackson, Marie F PhD, MBA N Healthcare Administration N Methodist Le Bonheur Administration
Jolls, Elisa F MS, MBA, EdD N Healthcare Administration Y IRB Associate Director
Kessler, Lori F PharmD S Pharmacy/ Business Administration N Methodist Administration
Kemp, Rachel  F RN, MSN, MHA, CCRN S Nursing N  
Likens, Carol F PhD, MBA S Allied Health Physical Therapy Y IRB Chair
Pourcyrous, Masroor F MD S Pediatrics/ Neonatology Y  
Prachniak, Kimberly F MS, CIP N Psychology/ Counseling Y Prison Representative-Only counts towards quorum when in attendance & reviewing studies covered by sub-part C.
Watkins, Dawnett F BS N Research Administration N  
Wilson, William M MA S Psychology/ Child Development Y  
Wohabrebbi, Amira F PhD, BSN, RN S Nursing/ Anatomy and Neurobiology N Director Medical Research, Regional One Health
Wood, Liz F MD, MS S Surgical Oncology Y  


* Affiliated - Indicates whether or not each individual is affiliated (other than as an IRB member) with the institution or organization operating the IRB
Aug 23, 2022