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Clinical Trials Groups

Clinical Trials Groups within the Federated Network Model:

Clinical Trials Unit

Executive Director: Risa Ramsey, PhD, EMBA, BSN, RN, CCRC
Medical Director: Csaba Kovesdy, MD, FASN

  • Primary Focus: Industry Funded Clinical Research Support
  • Locations/Facilities: Research space both at UTHSC, Methodist University Hospital, and capacity to provide traveling support in MD offices. Investigational product and specimen storage, lab equipment, exam rooms, and investigator/staff touch-down space
  • Engagement: Can provide full-study administrative support or a-la-carte services based on investigator needs
  • In-house Services: Full access to contract, budget, regulatory, nurse coordinator, data, and invoicing support, clinical trial management system

Office of Preventive Medicine Clinical Research

Medical Director: Karen Johnson, MD, MPH
Director/Manager: Beate Griffin, RN, BSN
Phone: 901.448.8405

  • Primary Focus: Epidemiologic, behavioral, health-services, investigator initiated NIH clinical trials, industry sponsored clinical trials, and translational/community research
  • Locations: Clinical research space within Department of Preventive Medicine at 66 Pauline and in East Memphis (756 Ridge Lake). Exam rooms, procedure rooms, laboratory processing and storage, administrative space, and investigational product storage
  • Engagement: Review of proposals, provision of space and equipment. Coordinator support
  • In-house Services: Grant proposals, biostatistics, regulatory, nurse coordinator, database development and data management, subject recruitment, investigator and staff education

Dental Clinical Research Center

Medical Director: Franklin Garcia-Godoy, DMD
Research Coordinator: Colette Stewart, RDH, MSOL

  • Primary Focus: Dental/Oral Clinical Research
  • Location: College of Dentistry. Dental chairs/units, consultation area, and operative area with radiology capabilities
  • Engagement: Coordinator support for dental trials
  • In-house Services: Space provision and administrative support

University Clinical Health (UCH) Research Unit

Director: Courtney Love

  • A UTHSC-affiliated practice group that has recently begun to conduct their own clinical research
  • They are able to support research conducted by certain UCH employed clinicians
  • Location: 1407 Union Avenue, Suite 700, Memphis, TN 38104 
  • In-house Services: They do not currently have dedicated clinical research space but rather support studies in the outpatient or inpatient setting for their physicians

Clinical Research Center

Medical Director: Samuel Dagogo-Jack, MD
Director/Manager: Mary Peterson, RN

  • Primary Focus: Patient-oriented publicly funded and/or translational research
  • Location: Independent Research Space within Methodist University Hospital. Eight exam rooms, bionutrition lab, exercise physiology room/equipment, DEXA scanner, IP storage, and sample processing laboratory
  • Engagement: Review of proposals, shared space and equipment. Coordinator support
  • In-house Services: Regulatory, nurse coordinator, research nutrition, laboratory testing, invoicing, and clinical trial management system

Pediatric Clinical Research Unit (PCRU)

Medical Director: Dennis Black, MD
Director/Manager: Sheon Lynch

  • Primary Focus: Pediatric clinical research
  • Location: Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, as an arm of the Children’s Foundation Research Institute (CFRI) in the CFRI Research Tower. Exam rooms, laboratory, administrative space, and pharmacy
  • Engagement: Review of proposals and full study administrative support for pediatric trials
  • In-house Services: Grant preparation and submission, biostatistics, biomedical informatics, budgeting, contracting, regulatory, medical writing, nurse coordination, data management, subject recruitment, phlebotomy services, laboratory testing, invoicing, and clinical trials management system

Nephrology Clinical Outcomes and Clinical Trials Program (COCTP)

Director: Csaba P. Kovesdy, MD
Manager: Junling Lu, MD, CCRP

  • Primary Focus: Centered on clinical epidemiology and outcomes research, and clinical trials in the fields of nephrology, transplantation medicine and general internal medicine
  • Location: 66 North Pauline, Suite 300 for clinical trials. VA Medical Center G403 for outcome research
  • Engagement: Review research proposal, provide trainings to apprentices in related to outcome research and clinical trials, coordinate studies from contract/budget negotiation to patient’s care
  • In-house Services: Provide mentor or education on establishing a sound research hypothesis and study design. Budget/contract negotiation, regulatory submission, trial coordination, human subject recruitment, data management. Provide trainings on preparing regulatory submission
Jul 21, 2022