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Goals and Objectives

Training Objectives- Core Competencies

Education in plastic surgery is designed to simultaneously develop cognitive knowledge, judgment, technical ability and teaching skills. The practice of plastic surgery requires the application of clinical data and technical skills to cure disease. Plastic surgical judgment is the combination of knowledge, confidence, ability, and compassion that leads to the successful practice of our specialty.

The basic science and clinical skills objectives are listed individually. The objectives will be emphasized on certain rotations, however it will be important for the resident to be able to integrate these broad topics into effective, comprehensive patient treatment and care. Regarding technical skills, the resident is expected to master the less complex procedures before proceeding to the more complex. Furthermore, he/she is expected to first assist until he/she understands the principles and methods, at which time the resident becomes the operating surgeon with faculty supervision, and eventually moves to teaching others.

Last Published: Jun 2, 2017