University of Memphis Course and Parking Information

Cynthia Crowe, as Graduate Coordinator, will assist you in coordinating your class scheduling at University of Memphis. She has contact numbers of key personnel at the University and is responsible for following up on your paperwork to see that it is processed and your enrollment is successful.

Signing up for UM Courses

This is a three step process.

Reciprocal Enrollment Form

Step one is to complete the Reciprocal Enrollment Form. You can obtain this form online, or ask Cynthia Crowe for one. On the form, list the course(s) to be taken at UM for that semester (information about course numbers and times is available on the UM website) and then get the Chair of the Department (Dr. Helms) and then the Dean of the Graduate School (Dr. Thomason) to get their signature. Dr. Thomason's assistant will stamp it for him. Dr. Thomason's office is 920 Madison Building Suite 807. Once Dr. Helms and Dr. Thomason have both signed the form, it must be signed by a dean at UM. If you bring this form back to Cynthia Crowe, she will fax it over to UM with the rest of the application materials, for signature by the UM Dean.

Non-Degree Form

Step two involves filling out the Non-Degree Form in order to complete the application materials for UM. You can get this forms online (from the link in the previous sentence), or from Cynthia Crowe. Once completed, Felicia will fax these forms to UM and contact UM to make sure that your forms are appropriately processed. This step must be completed before the beginning of the semester in which you desire to enroll at UM.

Enroll in the UM class

The final step occurs after you have been accepted at UM. You will receive a letter from the Registrar’s office with your pin number. When you receive this, you will need to enroll online in the class which you are planning to take. If you have any questions on this, please do not hesitate to contact Cynthia Crowe. She will be happy to walk you through this process and provide any follow up with UM, as needed.

Insuring that your grades are recorded at UT

Once the semester at UM is complete, grades must be transferred to UT for inclusion on transcripts and graduation from the program. If you have not completed this process by one month after the semester ends, Cynthia Crowe will send you a reminder to do so. Request a copy of your UM transcript (this is done on the first floor of the Administration Building on the UM campus in room 142) to be sent to Ms. Cynthia Crowe at UT College of Pharmacy 881 Madison Avenue, Suite 440 Memphis, TN 38163. When she receives your transcript she will compose a memo to the Registrar’s office requesting that the UM courses be added to your UT transcript and your GPA be recalculated accordingly.

University of Memphis Parking

UM parking passes are purchased from their parking authority in the building attached to the main garage parking ramp at Zach Curlin. The address is: 505 Zach Curlin Street Memphis, TN 38152-3500. Student ID and a personal check or cash are needed to receive a pass.

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