Health Policy

The Health Policy focus of the Graduate Program in Health Outcomes and Policy Research is designed to provide an intense, academic foundation for students pursuing careers in research, teaching, and health administration. The formal curriculum provides a comprehensive understanding of health policy development, implementation and analysis, with required courses in biostatistics, epidemiology, health economics and research methods as well as in health care systems and public policy. The program is designed to provide maximum flexibility for students with a variety of interests and backgrounds.

A Master of Science option is available for applicants with health professional degrees and experience who do not need the intensive grounding in research that the Ph.D. program entails. Applicants interested in acquiring intensive research skills (e.g., applicants pursuing careers in research and teaching) can also enter the Doctor of Philosophy program in Health Policy. The faculty includes professors from several of the colleges of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. Areas of interest include health manpower, health economics, community health, health systems organization and function, organization and professional behavior, and health services research.

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