Clinical Neurosciences

The mission of this newly established Division of the Department of Pediatrics is to deliver clinical services and conduct clinical and basic research.

The clinical services include brain mapping of candidates for epilepsy or tumor surgery, using, mainly, Magnetoencephalography (MEG) and Magnetic Scource Imaging (MRI) and neuropsychological evaluation of pediatric patients.

The research, also involving MEG and MSI, as well as functional Magnetic Resonnance Imaging (fMRI) focuses on improving the efficacy of functional brain mapping, on specification of the neuronal mechanisms of basic and higher cognitive functions and on identification of functional neuronal networks specific to developmental disorders such as Autism or Dyslexia and other neurological and psychiatric disorders such as Post-Traumatic Sress Disorder (PTSD).

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Clinical Neurosciences
Department of Pediatrics
UTHSC College of Medicine
The Neuroscience Institute
Le Bonheur Children's Hospital
777 Washington Ave.
Memphis, TN 38105

Holly Smith, RN, BSN, CPN
MEG Coordinator
901-287-7126 (phone)
901-287-4540 (fax)