Price List for Special Histology Services

All charges are levied on per slide or per tissue basis. Hematoxylin and eosin stain (HE stain) is the most commonly used stain. As per investigators order, the charges will be estimated and informed to the business manager before work is begun. Normal turn around time is 72 hrs. Turn around time for projects with special requests will be estimated on per case basis. Please feel free to contact us if you would like an estimated budget for your project.

20% Discount will be given to all UTHSC investigators for routine work only.

Name of the Procedure Charges Charges for UTHSC Routine Work
Paraffin block preparation, and one HE stained section $16.50 $13.20
Frozen section block preparation and one unstained section $16.00 $12.80
Sections from investigator's previously prepared blocks (recut) and one HE stained slide $5.00 $4.00
Sections from investigator's previously prepared blocks (recut) and one unstained slide $4.00 $3.20
Special Stains (dependent on type of stain) $29.00 - $60.00 $23.20 - $48.00
Direct $40.00 $32.00
Indirect $50.00 $40.00
Immunohistochemistry (Antibody provided by special histology lab**) $60.00 - $80.00 $48.00 - $64.00

**Antibodies NOT commercially available will be provided by the investigator.

Approved on July 16, 2014.

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