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Frequently Asked Questions

Grant Routing / Submission Deadlines

Q.   Why must grants be routed early to the Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP)?

A.   In order to ensure that grants are submitted in proper format and with all the information required in the grant application deadlines, the document is reviewed by the staff and approved by Sarah White, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research, our university's Authorizing Official.  Their comprehensive review must occur early enough to allow for revisions and for punctual submissions. 

Early Submission for Electronic Submissions

Q.   Why are early submissions encouraged for electronic grant submissions?

A.   We are encouraged to submit electronically in advance of agency final deadlines to minimize risks associated with problems in transmission. There are applicants who bravely submit very near the actual final agency deadlines.  There have been situtations where servers were overloaded and submissions were very slow or stopped altogether.

Budget: Non-paid collaborators

Q.   Non-paid collaborators.  Is there an NIH policy on non-paid collaborators, and what is the proper procedure for including such collaborators in the application? 

A.   If a collaborator is contributing significant effort (generally 5% or more) and the participation is considered critical to the conduct of the project, the person can be classified as key personnel and listed on the budget.  The fact that the contribution is non-paid does not prevent the person from being listed as key personnel; however, (s)he must be an employee of the grantee organization to be listed in the personnel section.  Employees of the grantee institution are not placed in the consultant category, whether the contribution is paid or not.

Copyright for published materials

Q.  Can I copy and distribute material posted on National Library of Medicine sites?

A.   Fair Use information is briefly described on the National Library of Medicine Information statement.

May 26, 2022