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Mouse Lines

GFP Mouse Lines

Matt Ennis lab

GAD-65 GFP (from Gabor Szabo): maintained by breeding heterozygous mice.

Proprietary: need permission from creator to use, who requests authorship as a condition of use.

Foehring: GFP mice

  1. TTg(Etvl-EGFP)BZ192Gsat/Mmucd (etv1). In the somatosensory cortex of these transgenic mice, EGFP is only expressed in layer 5A pyramidal neurons that have thin apical dendrites (type 2).
  2. Tg(Glt25d2-EGFP)BN20Gsat/Mmnc (Glt). In these mice EGFP was only expressed in "thick-tufted" layer 5B pyramidal neurons (Type 1). In somatosensory cortex glt-GFP is almost exclusively in layer 5B and etv1-GFP in layer 5A but there is more extensive intermingling in visual cortex.

We maintain breeding colonies of both mouse lines (Swiss-Webster background) developed from breeding pairs obtained from the MMRRC (GENSAT).

Tony Reiner lab

We maintain a colony of D2-EGFP GENSAT transgenic mice. These mice have EGFP expression in D2-expressing neurons in the nervous system.

Fu-Ming Zhou lab

ChAT-GFP (Stock no.: 007902, strain name: B6.Cg-Tg(RP23-268L19-EGFP)2Mik/J, from Jackson). 2 breeding pairs just arrived on 9/15/2008.

GAD67-GFP (stock number: 007677, strain name: CB6-Tg(Gad1-EGFP)G42Zjh/J, from Jackson). Order still on waiting list.

Mutant, Transgenic, Knock-Out Mouse Lines

Matt Ennis lab

mGluR1 knockout: maintained by breeding heterozygous mice. B-galactosidase replaces mGluR1 gene, so B-gal histochemistry or immunocytochemistry can be used to determine cells that express mGluR1. mGluR5 knockout: maintained by breeding homozygous mice.

Michael McDonald lab

APP/PSEN1 and 5xFAD transgenics (from Jackson)

GD3 synthase knockout (available cryopreserved for ~$1800 but I think I can share under the MTA). Huaibin Cai's DJ-1 model of Parkinson's disease, possibly too old to breed. They're freely available from Huaibin but there's a waiting list for young ones

Tony Reiner lab

R6/2 Huntington's disease transgenic mice
Drd1a-tdTomato Mice
Floxed Thy1-EYFP Mice
Emx1-cre Mice
Floxed Thy1-EYFP x Emx1-cre Mice
As part of a collaboration with Ioannis Dragatsis, he maintains a colony of Pv-CreERT2 Mice.

Kazuko Sakata lab

  1. BDNF-promoter IV knockin mice (BDNF-KIV) (I generated at NIH)
  2. DsRed Tg mice (B6/J) (from the Jackson Laboratory)
  3. ChaT-GFP-WT and ChaT-GFP-BDNF-KIV (ChaT-GFP are from Dr. Fuming Zhou, which were crossed to BDNF-KIV)
  4. GAD65-GFP-WT and GAD65-GFP-KIV (GAD65-GFP-WT are from from Dr. Fuming Zhou, which were crossed to BDNF-KIV. Pure homozygous will be produced in 3-5 months)
  5. GAD67-GFP-WT and GAD67-GFP-KIV (GAD65-GFP-WT are from from Dr. Fuming Zhou, which were crossed to BDNF-KIV. Pure homozygous will be produced in 3-5 months)

Fu-Ming Zhou lab

Dopamine D1 KO from Ming Xu of University of Chicago, under MTA and permission is required.

Dopamine D5 KO from David Sibly of NINDS.

May 26, 2022