Nephrology Rotation Duties

Educational Responsibilities

  • Read the Nephrology section in Harrison's Textbook of Internal Medicine (or alternative Internal Medicine textbook). At the end of the month, turn in the exact number of pages you have read. All aspects of the curriculum are covered in this textbook. This should be the primary reference source.
  • Review the urinalysis section in nephrology website: typical findings seen in urinalysis.
  • Attend all weekly conferences: Grand Rounds, Tuesdays at 8am; Didactic teaching sessions, Wednesdays at noon; and Case conferences/Journal clubs Fridays at 8am.
  • Attend renal biopsy conference, 2nd to last Tuesday of the month.
  • Attend morning report and medicine grand rounds.
  • Complete a multiple-choice examination at the end of the rotation. The examination will deal with all aspects of clinical nephrology (as described in the resident curriculum). Questions will be formatted similarly to the Internal Medicine board examination the results of this examination will be included as part of your monthly evaluation.
  • Attend daily attending rounds.
  • Review the goals and objectives posted on the web.

Additional Reference Material:

Up to Date computerized textbook of Nephrology. This is available at both the division of nephrology office at UTCHS. Nephrology division, VAMC: Up-to-date can be accessed through the Tools option of CPRS at the VAMC. This is useful for obtaining recent literature references concerning Nephrology topics.

There is a resident notebook kept in the Division of Nephrology, UTCHS which includes key references concerning many aspects of clinical Nephrology.

Renal pathophysiology. (Burton Rose and Helmut Rennke)

Nephrology website teaching tools section contains handouts and lecture notes dealing with the following topics: acid-base disorders, urinalysis, summary of the basic renal syndromes.

Call Schedule

PGY1, assigned to the nephrology ward service: night call schedule will be determined by the chief medical resident. If the night call assignment is at VAMC, you will be responsible for cross coverage of the inpatients on nephrology service. Attending rounds will be completed by 1 p.m. The day following overnight call to allow you to leave after rounds.

Days off: you will have a minimum of one day off every week (either Saturday or Sunday). Specifically: If you're on call Friday night, you will see inpatient nephrology service early Saturday morning, sign out and leave (Sun off). If you are on call Saturday, you will see your nephrology in patients Saturday and early Sunday morning, sign out and leave. If you are on call Sunday, you will have Saturday off and will see nephrology inpatients Sunday. If you are not on call Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, you will be expected to see your patients either Saturday or Sunday. This will be arranged with the attending physician.

PGY2 or PGY3, assigned to the elective nephrology consult service: night call schedule will be determined by the chief medical resident.

Days off: you will have a minimum of one day off every week. There will be no weekend responsibilities, unless you are on overnight call Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. On these days, you will assist the attending physician in rounding on nephrology consult patients whom you have been following during the week.

Evaluation Format For Nephrology House Officers:

  • Reading assignment: (Harrison's textbook of medicine). Record how much of the nephrology section has been read during the rotation.
  • Document attendance at that backing teaching conferences (minimum of 80% attendance required):
    • Wednesday conference
    • Friday conference
    • Journal club
  • Record results of multiple-choice examination completed at the end of the rotation.
  • Web-based learning assignments: document completion of teaching assignments which appear on the nephrology web site (Documents and Syllabi): Diuretics, Guide to Acid-base, Chronic Renal Failure, Renal Syndromes, Urinalysis.
  • You will be responsible for maintaining the data on the evaluation form. This form should be reviewed by your attending in the middle of the month and at the end of the month. This form is an essential part of your overall evaluation.

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