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What is GRIT?

GRIT stands for Guided Resident International Training; it also stands for perseverance through hardship and has ties to the “Grit and Grind” Memphis Grizzlies. Simply, the GRIT Track is a global health education track developed by UTHSC residents and faculty which accepted its first cohort in July 2020. The Track takes applications from rising PGY-2s from the Internal Medicine, Pediatric, and Medicine-Pediatric residencies, accepting roughly six new members each year. The track is based on a two-year curriculum which explores numerous aspects of global health, social determinants of health, health systems, and cultivates local and global partnerships for hands-on experience.



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The Guided Resident International Training (GRIT) Track was developed in response to a growing interest of residents in engaging with underserved populations, particularly in the global setting. With the support of UTHSC leaders, GRIT strives to be a track focused in educating residents in global epidemiology and disease burden, disparities of health in healthcare systems, and clinical medicine in resource limited settings. The objectives of our program are to:

  1. Expand resident knowledge on social determinants of health in local and global healthcare.

  2. Develop increased cultural competence and improve communication skills.

  3. Prepare residents interested in making global healthcare a part of their career for situations they may face in their future careers.

  4. Participate in global partnerships and exchanges that promote bidirectional education and growth.

  5. Engage with local partners to provide needed resources and services to our community.

  6. Continue the development of UTHSC GME supported programs within the Center for Multicultural and Global Health and its partners.


What is CMGH?

The Center for Multicultural and Global Health (CMGH) is the umbrella global health center for UTHSC.  It acts as a unifying power over the global health initiatives at all UT campuses and hopes to continue developing and supporting programs like GRIT to expand student, resident and faculty access to multicultural health delivery, address global health challenges, and nurture the next generation of global health leaders.

May 26, 2022