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College of Medicine Committees

The standing committees for the College of Medicine and the various subcommittees are listed below. An asterisk (*) indicates the committees on which there are voting student members, nominated by the Medical Student Executive Council and appointed by the Dean.

Campus-wide Committees

Each college dean nominates faculty from the College for appointment to campus-wide committees. Such may include: Animal Care and Use Committee, Biosafety Recombinant DNA Committee, Distant Education Committee, General Services Committee, Health and Safety Council, History/Archives Committee, Infection Control Committee, Intercultural Relations Committee, Library Advisory Committee, Parking Authority, Radiation Safety Committee, Radioactive Drug Research Committee, and Residency Appeals Committee.

Committee on Admissions

The Committee on Admissions reviews and recommends on the applications of the individuals applying to the College of Medicine. Meetings are held Friday afternoons from October through March. In addition, each individual must interview a certain number of students who apply. Time commitment - over 72 hours of committee meeting time and approximately 50 hours of interview time. Appointment is for 3 years. Committee needs 3-5 new members each year to be appointed in July or August.

College Appointment, Promotion and Tenure Committee

The College Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure Committee (CAPT) is responsible for (1) reviewing and recommending policies, procedures, and programs in the area of appointments, promotions, and tenure of the faculty to the Dean of the Memphis Campus College of Medicine; (2) implementing and evaluating procedures on appointments, promotions, and tenure of faculty; (3) reviewing and recommending to the Dean action on all individual nominations by department chairs for appointment at the level of associate professor or above, promotion, and award of tenure; and (4) Meetings on the third Thursday of each month and additional ones as scheduled in months of December and January. Outside of meeting time, committee members are asked to review CVs and letters of recommendations for the appointment of at least 150 faculty annually and for the promotion and award of tenure for approximately 100 faculty level annually. Time commitment at least 30 hours per year. Appointment is for 3 years. Committee needs 3-5 new members each year.

Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee is appointed by the Dean which reports through the Dean's Faculty Advisory Committee to the Dean with names of faculty to Chair and serve on College or Campus-wide Committees. This Committee is responsible for keeping updated lists of names of faculty interested in serving on Committees. Commitment will be about 10-15 hours per year and appointment is for a 3-year period. Committee needs 2-3 new members each year. 

Last Published: Dec 6, 2019