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About the ISA


November – January

Independent Student Analysis Survey Live

Survey Launch Dates:

  • M1s: January 6th
  • M2: November 23rd
  • M3: November 20th
  • M4s: November 23rd   
February – May Analysis and generation of report for the LCME 


ISA Committee Members

Philip Link Headshot
Phillip Link, M4, Co-Chair

David Levine Headshot
David LeVine, M2, Co-Chair

  • Mary Best, M4
  • Ben Mallicoat, M4



  • Megan McGarel, M4
  • Matt Carnell, M3
  • Kenneth Coca, M3
  • Lydia Makepeace, M3 
  • Katherine Nash, M2
  • Sarah Shore, M1 

Student Incentives

  • Every student completing the survey will receive a small (12 oz.) tumbler with the UTHSC Medicine logo.
  • Students will also be entered into a raffle for a larger value prizes within each class:
    • 1st place – new iPad 2019
    • 2nd place – $100 gift card
    • 3rd place – lunch with your choice of faculty professor or administrator.

  • Students gain entry(-ies) into the class raffle based on the time in which they completed the survey:
    • 5 entries for completing the survey within 1 week of its release for your class.
    • 3 entries for completing the survey within 2 weeks of its release.
    • 1 entry for completing the survey within 3 weeks of its release.
    • Students who win one of the higher-tier prizes may turn it down for their choice of different-tier prize. For example, someone who wins 1st place may choose the 2nd or 3rd place prize if they so wish.
May 26, 2022