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Network Services & Telecommunications

The ITS Infrastructure – Network Services & Telecommunications Team plans, installs, manages, maintains, and coordinates all aspects of Network Services & Telecommunications for the University.

Network Services

The Network Services team provides network services to the entire campus, the university’s healthcare partners, as well as UTHSC and associated clinics in the Mid-south. 

Network Services is located on the 7th floor of the Lamar Alexander Building (877 Madison Avenue). The following services may be requested by calling 901.448.2222 or emailing

  • Installation, relocation and change of network service
  • Local Area Network (LAN) design for off-campus UTHSC facilities
  • Wide Area Network (WAN) service for off-campus UTHSC facilities
  • Network functional troubleshooting and analysis
  • High-Speed Large Data-set file transfers 
Telecommunication Services and VoiceMail

The Telecommunications Team provides a variety of telephone services to over 5,000 individuals both on and off campus.


To login, please visit the VoiceMail instructions (NetID login required)NOTE: You must use default password for this first-time login and change the password to one of your choice. You will also be required to go through a brief voice-guided setup the first time you check your voicemail. This change will not affect existing voicemails or phone forwarding.

Telecommunications is located on the 6th Floor of the Lamar Alexander Building (877 Madison Avenue). The following services may be requested by calling 901.448.2222 or emailing

  • Installation, relocation and change of telephone service or equipment
  • Repair and maintenance services
  • Voicemail, including menu options
  • 800 services, long distance authorization codes
  • Training-on-site or formal training on telephone features
  • Consulting & Design - Telecommunications analysts provide design, implementation and support for specialty services such as ACD call centers, large installations, and off-site clinic applications.

Telecommunications has a digital conference call system that allows you to set up conference calls with as many as 24 sites. Several people can talk and be heard at the same time, and every speaker’s volume is automatically adjusted for listening comfort. Telecommunications will handle the reservation for your call and ensure that the call takes place and runs smoothly. Your conference is password protected for privacy. All reservations are made on a first come first serve basis.

For more information or reservations, call 901.448.2222, or email

Requests should include:
  • Date and Time of call
  • Number of sites
  • Length of call
  • Contact phone number
  • Contact name

After the reservation is made, you will be sent a confirmation with the details and calling instructions.

Need networking or telephone services?

Submit your request by emailing with the details.

Accessing the Internet, Internet2 and Computing Resources


When students arrive on campus with their laptops, tablets and smartphones, they will only need to select the UTHSC WiFi network to be prompted to enter their UTHSC NetID and password to authenticate to the network.  This will be required for each device - laptop, tablet or smartphone - when it is initially connected to the UTHSC WiFi network.

Faculty and Staff

When faculty and staff connect their computing devices on the wired network or wireless network for the first time, computers, laptops and tablets will be directed to a web page to install the Cisco AnyConnect agent. This agent will profile and posture your device and make sure the device complies to the university’s security policies. Other portable devices connecting to the UTHSC wireless network may be directed to this page as well, this is so AnyConnect can profile and posture your mobile device correctly.

Wireless Internet Access

Faculty, staff and students can connect portable computing devices using their NetID and password (the same information you use for your UTHSC email account). Faculty and staff laptops connecting for the first time will be directed to a web page to install the Cisco AnyConnect agent, to profile and posture your device, and ensure the device complies to the university’s security policies.

Guest WiFi

A faculty or staff member can generate a guest NetID and password from the iLogin page.  Then, click on the link “UTHSC Guest Internet Access” and fill in the information requested.

Once this information has been generated and communicated to the guest user, the guest user will connect to the “UTHSC” wireless network and utilize the NetID and password to login.


Visiting students, researchers, faculty and staff from participating eduroam institutions may obtain wireless network access by choosing "eduroam" from their device's list of available wireless networks and entering their institutional email address and password when prompted to do so, then verify and accept the SSL certificate. Eduroam is a worldwide initiative providing roaming network access across participating research and educational organizations.

Eduroam Configuration and Troubleshooting Tool

Meetings, Events, and Conferences

For large meetings, events, and conferences a specified guest network can be made available. This request needs to be made several days in advance may be requested by sending an e-mail to and it will be entered in Footprints Help Desk system. You will then be contacted by Network Services for information and setup of guest network.

Our Team

William (Billy) Hatcher, Jr.

Networking Services

Dan Albaugh
IT Manager, Network Services

Brian Coats
IT Administrator III

Roger Schwartz
IT Administrator III

Ron South
IT Administrator III

Jerrico Elion
IT Administrator II

Telecommunication Services

Nathan Boswell
IT Manager, Telecom Services

Jim Corrigan
IT Technologist III

Jackie Fox
IT Technologist III

Horace Mincey
IT Technologist III

Last Published: Aug 5, 2020