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Minimum Computer Requirements

Information Technology Services (ITS) at The University of Tennessee Health Science Center recommends that each student purchase a personal laptop or equivalent device. Most devices on the market will meet basic needs; however, ITS recommends the following minimal configuration:


  • Processor:
    • Intel: Core i5 minimum, i7 preferred
    • AMD: Ryzen 5 Quad Core Minimum, Ryzen 7 preferred
  • Memory: 8 GB minimum (16 GB preferred)
  • Storage Capacity: 500 GB minimum
    • Solid State Drives are much faster, more reliable, and recommended over Hard Disk Drives.
  • Wireless card: 802.11n minimum (802.11ac preferred)
  • Operating System:
    • Microsoft Windows 10 - The system must have the latest security updates installed and anti-Virus/Malware software installed.
    • Macintosh macOS 10.14.1 or newer
  • Webcam (many laptops come with an integrated webcam and will not require an external device)
  • USB headset or headphones with microphone 

College Specific Requirements

Some colleges/programs have specific requirements in addition to these. Please check with your college for specific requirements.

Distance Learning

Distance learning students are also encouraged to consider the following hardware, software, and Internet connection to ensure that all systems used by distance learning courses will function properly.



Internet Connection

  • At least a 5 Mbps Broadband Connection Minimum

Tablets and Other Devices

Note: Because tablets and other devices (such as Chromebooks) many times may not be able to run software applications in use at UT Health Science Center, have typically less storage than laptops, and may not meet college/program specific requirements, check with your college/program before investing in these types of devices.

Other Considerations

Other considerations when purchasing include warranty, accidental damage plans, display size and resolution, weight of the hardware, battery life, and charging options. A warranty may help if the laptop/tablet experiences problems in the first years of ownership. Please consider the most appropriate warranty for your needs and whether an accidental damage plan would be beneficial. Also consider where and how you will carry and use the laptop/tablet and how to keep it charged.

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