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Windows 10 Upgrade

Microsoft Ending Support for Windows 7

Microsoft recently announced it will no longer support older versions of its Windows operating system. 

Our goal is to have Windows 10 installed on all UTHSC-owned computers connected to our network by August of 2019.  

This upgrade ensures the security and dependability of our network by reducing our risk of data breaches.

Your computer hardware specifications help us determine if your current computer can be upgraded to Windows 10.  If your computer does not meet the requirements, a new computer recommendation will be given to you. Our plan is to work directly with each department to determine which campus computers will need to be replaced or upgraded.

Get Upgraded

Call the Helpdesk today at 448-2222 to request your Windows 10 upgrade.

For any questions you have regarding this upgrade process, please feel free to contact:

Lisa Aitken
Phone: (901) 448-4934

Dustin Fehnel
Phone: (901) 448-4010

Why do I have to upgrade?
Microsoft is ending Windows 7 support and they will no longer release security updates and patches for this operating system. This will make Windows 7 unsecure for our campus network. 
When is the upgrade deadline?
No later than August 31.
Is there anything I can do to prepare?

Yes, you can back up your data ahead of time. There are several ways this can be accomplished:

  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Network Share - Volshare

Do not use USB drives to backup your data unless it has been approved by ITS.

If you need assistance with backing up your data, contact the Helpdesk at 448-2222.

Will I have to get a new computer?
Possibly. If your current computer does not meet the minimum hardware specifications, a new computer will need to be purchased.
What are the minimum hardware requirements for existing computers?
Processor: Intel i5 
Memory: 8GB 
TPM: 1.2
My computer meets the minimum requirements, when will I be upgraded?
You can contact the ITS Helpdesk at 448-2222 to create a FootPrints work order or inform your on-site technician.
What are the minimum hardware requirements for new computers?
Processor: Intel i7 
Memory: 16GB 
Storage: 500GB Solid state drive 
TPM: 2.0
How do I purchase a new computer?
Navigate to UTHSC’s Dell marketplace and select UTHSC’s Standard Configuration.
What if the standard configuration does not meet my needs?
Fill out a short survey and ITS will assist you with your configuration.
 Have more questions that aren't listed here?
Contact the ITS Helpdesk at 448-2222.


Worried about the switch to Windows 10 from your previous operating system?  Here are some links to help:

Last Published: Mar 18, 2020